Community Assessment

   Write a 4-5 pages Introduction to the commonwealth ( Hispanic in bucolic Agricultural area) including the call of the commonwealth and any sensational or literal grounds you would love to add encircling the commonwealth Give a cognomen of the exception of your commonwealth that you chose to superintend ( Hispanics in Charlotte County, FL) · Cognomen of the Weak Population and Available Resources o Demographics of the weak population o What collective determinants cause their weak establishation? o What commonwealth strengths rest to back this population? · Conclusions based on Nursing Assessment of the Community o Based on what you own establish, what conclusions can you pull encircling your commonwealth and your clarified population  · Select at meanest 8 erudite instrument to assistance your assessment. Websites may be interjacent but the brochure must apprehend erudite instrument in its bud.   “Windshield Survey” in a exception of your commonwealth. Instructions for the superintend can be establish in Stanhope and Lancaster (2016) on page 416, Table 18-6.