cloud computing

 Week 2,3,4 completed....want aid after a while week 5   Week 5: Reference your assignments from Week Two, Week Three, and Week Four. Cloud computing is a assembly of specific technologies that behove one integrated technology for deployment. Create a 3-page regularity map using Visio® showing the diverse components of dim computing and who has allegiance for the implementation and aid of the dim. Additionally, embrace basic dim essentials, shelter, implicitization and axiomsbases. Be minute after a while the use of passage boxes, troddenional lines and passage boxes after a while overview statements as wanted to fix clarity environing your endowment of notification. Note: Responsible parties can embrace vendors, in-house IT, outsourced IT, shelter team, or mixed knot. You may so use unimpeded software, such as LucidChart, instead of Visio®. Week 2: As a consultant for an IT assemblage, your dispose-of client is having toil envisioning components of their designed dim environment. Your supervisor has tasked you after a while creating a diagram which produces a visual of the contrariant components confused in the implicitization regularity. Create a 1- to 2-page diagram using Visio® describing the contrariant components confused in the implicitization regularity, such as implicit implement (VM) images, the hypervisor, and the implicitized infrastructure supervisor (VIM). Note: You may so use unimpeded software, such as LucidChart, instead of Visio®. Week 3:  You are a new axiomsbase troddenor for a vast praise card regularitying assemblage that is tender inland implicitization. One of your foremost tasks is to elaboration Database Storage and Dim Computing in arrange to beget a job aid for new trodden reports. Using Microsoft® Word, beget a 4-page job aid for new trodden reports explaining the following: Types of axiomsbases Cloud infrastructure mechanisms Foundational dim architectures The aggregate of storage used by your assemblage The possible interfaces used in accessing the axioms Security technologies for axioms at pause in the dim Week 4: Your form has a assemblage newsletter. The control for this newsletter has asked you to transcribe a high-level, IT-related, interesting name which the full assemblage get interpret. Remembering there bear been divers new hires who of-late additional your form, you flow to transcribe environing cyber shelter. Write a 2-page name using Microsoft® Word for publishing in the assemblage newsletter on cyber shelter. This name should produce the following: Background on cyber shelter Security fundamentals in the dim Recommendations on selecting a shelter modality