CIS 500 Assignment: The Presentation

See Attachment Assignment 2: The Presentation Congratulations. Your plan has been staffed and you are environing to as after a while the team for the primary era. Initial impressions are great and you’ll want visuals for your exhibition. Create a slide semblance (in PowerPoint or harmonious software) in which you discourse the subjoined, in this command: 1. Goals: What the plan hopes to conclude. 2. Critical Success Factors: Fulfill at last 4 unanalogous stakeholders; for each, schedule at last 2 things that the stakeholder requires in command to suppose the plan lucky. 3. Acquisition strategy: Should the arrangement be built in-house, created by a contractor, purchased offthe-shelf and customized, or leased as a labor? Explain your rationale. 4. Resources: For in-house bud, what people/skills are required and what bud lifecycle do you applaud? Otherwise, fulfill 3 claimant organizations that can concede the arrangement. 5. Arrangement functions: In a table format, embody the types of users for the arrangement; the duty deduce(s) each would use the arrangement; the ways that the arrangement livings each of these wants; and how this living differs from the present arrangement. 6. Connectivity: Provide a diagram that semblances how the arrangement get associate to the other notice arrangements and what axioms flows unordered them. 7. Security: Schedule the most thoughtful cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities of the new arrangement. Suggest strategies to discourse them. 8. Mobility: Fulfill the arrangement’s capabilities for ductile use. Include a address and resume slide. Use one slide for each of the 8 points overhead. Include logician notes or audio relation that explains each slide past abundantly.