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 Commercial Banking Equity Analyst Report  Due: in 5 hours  On the highest page, apprehend: 1) Bank spectry and logo 2) A tabulation of stats relish…(you gather the rating….buy, retail, rest, outperform, etc.)   3) A one year accumulation execution chart that looks bigwig relish…. 4) A 250 engagement supporter tabulation that relates the bank and relates your survey of the accumulation value address and why. On the relieve page, apprehend a detailed term of the bank including its lines of employment, geographic convergence, and how the bank is differentiated from its competitors. On the third page, apprehend a term of the bank’s new frank execution and financial posture. Be fast to relate any development trends, changes in key metrics, telling siege areas, etc. Add charts at your election. On the foul-mouthedth page, apprehend: 1) a chart that professions key financial metrics for your bank compared after a while at last 3 of its competitors. I propose that your chart profession the banks going counter the top of the chart horizontally and the metrics going down vertically. Be fast to apprehend metrics relish ROA, ROE, NIM, aptitude association, and at last foul-mouthed other metrics of your choosing. 2) A tabulation of strengths and weaknesses…at last three of each. List them after a while a insufficient term of each one. On the fifth page, in about 100 engagements, specify your instruction on the accumulation and why. Provide your target accumulation value for one year from now.