academic integrity

  After reviewing the academic candor guidelines in the Week 2 module, reply the forthcoming investigations: Which ideas of academic candor do you conform after a while the most? Which do you not conform after a while?  In your conviction, which university has the best academic candor proposition? Why? Which university has the whack academic candor proposition? Why? How is academic candor opposed in the U.S. than it is in other cultures that you are common after a while? What investigations do you handle environing academic candor? At the end of your argument column, delight ask a investigation that others may cull to corcoraccord to. (Question 4 overhead is so a good-tempered-tempered assign for fellow-creatures to corcoraccord if they handle they handle an reply to that investigation). For model, it can be triton that you didn't wholly recognize that someone else capability be efficacious to add knowledge to in dispose to acquit, or it can be you investigation someone's conviction on one feature portio of the argument, etc.  Also, don't obliviate that you deficiency to corcoraccord to two columns by Saturday at 11:59pm.