2 essays about american history

You earn transcribe two essays  Format: Use 1” margins ALL the way environing, use double-space after a while Courier New 10 Bolded. Repress your spacing offsets are ZERO, use NO extra spaces betwixt paragraphs. Make a repress roll of the format requirements and CHECK it anteriorly you reverse in your ultimate work. Each essay earn be one liberal page in diffusiveness, no departed, and no near. You must use right grammar. You must illustrate their roles in a globe that did not see them regularly as estimable tonnage of American life: What they did specifically? How they were current by Americans, departed and confer-upon? How does narrative see them, in the departed, and in the confer-upon?  Do not use Wikipedia, but singly an .edu or .gov or .org website to do your scrutiny (and no other). The ultimate cord of your earn be the www site you used and do not hyperlink the extract.  Pick two choices to transcribe about: A-Robert Johnson  (died 1937) B-Margaret Sanger (died 1966) C-Frances Perkins (died 1965) D-Billie Holliday (died 1959) E-Memphis Minnie (died 1973)