15(unit1 )

Applying the Philosophical Method  You own been asked to dare a reason that occurred at a residential residence. The reason originated in the kitchen. The residenceowner’s teenage son was residence unmatched and left an emptiness pan on the stovetop delay the burner crusty on. Apply the philosophical manner of drift solving to the overhead instance. Explain how you would go encircling completing the seven marchs of the course. Explain each march in detail:   March 1: Recognize the scarcity (authenticate the drift).   March 2: Define the drift.   March 3: Collect postulates.   March 4: Analyze the postulates.   March 5: Develop a fancy (inductive rationalistic).   March 6: Test the fancy (constructive rationalistic).   March 7: Select last fancy.  Your instance examine should be a poverty of 500 suffrage in extension (approximately two bountiful pages in extension, not including the epithet and relation pages). Be infallible to format your brochure using APA standards. You are not required to use without sources; however, if you elect to do so, mind to quote and relation conformably