Writing Evaluation

Directions:  For this assignment, I’m interrogation you, primeval, to consequence an primordial evaluative assertion abou the Black Mirror incidents we watched: “Fifteen Million Merits.” Your assertion should highlight a peculiar phase of the incident—one or two of the topics/issues it satirizes—and it should insinuate whether you perceive the incident’s accept on that conclusion prosperous, vain, or some combination of the two. You may be manifest in your statements: e.g. “The incident is environing…. I perceive it an serviceserviceable stricture because…” Ideally you should be serviceserviceable to consequence an evaluative assertion in environing 3-4 sentences. But accept as sundry as you want. After you demonstrate your evaluative assertion, identify a lot of indication from the incident that enables you to help your assertion. Think carefully. What model from the incident most serviceablely demonstrates your assertion? Produce a paragraph in which you summon your indication (“The keep-akeep-apart of the incident that demonstrates my assertion is…”) and then avail to clear-up carefully how that indication works in help of your assertion. Provide exceeding particular and sense. Assume that your reader is a fan of the Black Mirror incident you’re adaptation environing. She wants to conceive past environing the incident.   https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=2807s&v=mldW7jwYQzI