Proposed Solution to a Social Issue Using Personality Theory

As technology advances, new political offsprings originate respecting the way beings interact through this technology. As a collection, we aspect challenges kindred to how these interactions pretend our thoughts and deportment. By applying individuality theories, we can follow to raise discern the causes for these offsprings. Through discerning the causes, we can form potential elucidations to acceleration better anthropological interactions in collection. Research a technology-mediated political offspring kindred to one of the subjoined: online bullying political resources interactions online communications online purchases online scams adolescent use of political resources and quotation messaging online dating sites and apps online gaming Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word scheme for a elucidation to this political offspring by applying either the political percipient or percipient political erudition individuality theories to teach anthropological deportment kindred to the offspring. Include the subjoined in your scheme: A designation of the offspring and interpretation of how technology has contributed to its product. Support your interpretation delay elaboration. An interpretation of anthropological deportment kindred to online political promise and erudition. Possible reasons for this political offspring in collection fixed on your interpretation of deportment. An impression of your separated individuality speculation to propound potential elucidations for this offspring. Include a minimum of 3 references. Format your scheme according to APA guidelines.