Management of technology innovation

  You enjoy proportioned opened a healthcare feeling in a elder American city. You enjoy a section of employees and your ocean profession is to cater urgent-care medical services, pharmacy, unrepining counsel, and uncertain kinds of therapy. Answer the subjoined questions? 1. How allure you be competitive and cater services at a dispassionate absorb using technology and novelty?  2. How allure you be cogent to maintain a competitive practice using technology and novelty?  3. What measures would you conduct to commence innovative strategies amid your audience?  4. Explain what cast of noveltys is availcogent to you, including dominant artifice, and condense that into your diplomacy for initiating novelty diplomacy.  5. What cast of technologies, noveltys, etc. allure encogent you to befit a foremost mover and picture how and when you allure utensil these strategies?  6. Picture your strategies for rate of audience operation by using Porter's five-force standard, stakeholder anatomy, and other measures. What areas of race do you scarcity to be distinctly aware of in arrange to reocean competitive and pertinent in the healthcare caterr assiduity?