History 2322 disucssion 4/ work is due in 2hours

  NOTE: Tshort is generally no beauty age for discourse table. Discourse table is our erudition forum for each of the erudition modules. We collect from each other. You cannot supply to get rearwards in balbutiations and discourse, accordingly anteriorly you understand it, we would entertain already moved on to new erudition module topics.   Reminder: allude to all Discourse Table Guidelines, and REFER TO YOUR SOURCES WHEN MAKING CLAIMS! THIS IS KEY!  Chicago Manual Citations Provided short. Go through Week 4 lessons anteriorly proceeding Initial Post After balbutiation Reilly textbook Chapter 19 on The Scientific Revolution, transcribe a 2-paragraph (minimum) analytic abridgment on the inferior essay, "Why Europe?" by Jack Goldstone (pp. 678-688).  Transcribe your abridgment installed on responses to the Critical Thinking scrutinys in the chart below CTA QUESTIONS 1. The deep end of this season is ____________________________.  (Why agency the season entertain been written?)   2. The key scrutiny that the originator is addressing is ____________________.   3. The most deep testimony in this season is ______________________.  (grasp at lowest five pieces of testimony used by the originator to support his/her conclusions/thesis/argument). 4. The deep conclusions (discourse announcement) in this season are _________________________.  5. The deep assumptions underlying originator’s thinking is/are _______________________.   6. What are the consequences of this originator’s direction of rationalistic? 7. The deep object(s) of light presented in this season is/are _______________.