English Essay

  Part 1: 3-4page In your own suffrage, for stance, examine the overarching topic(s) of the strain you accept unwavering to evaluate from the BreakBeat Poets Anthology. In other suffrage, adduce the best description you can respecting the variation of the strain the resonates delay you. This is an turn for you to manifest your notice, expertness set, wisdom, and intellect of how to perception the art of poetry. Make unfailing to rendezvous on the strain that resonates delay you. What to realize in your strains: Line, Meter, Stanza,Title, Voice, Anaphora, Assonance, Cadence, Metaphor, Simile, Satire, Irony, Historical Allusions, Alliteration, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Pun, Parody, Repetition, Form, Rhyme  poem:  Chinaka Hodge (1984) “Small Poems for Big” Part 2:  Read the work A Raisin in the Sun, solution the inquirys beneath to the best of your ability. Please present as considerable details as you can for each inquiry. 1. Examine how Lorraine Hansberry uses Beneatha’s hair as a image for discharge and  non-conformity. 2. Explain George’s allusion to Prometheus the Greek mythical characters, as it relates to his interaction delay Walter Lee and how it maybe sheds characterless on Walter’s standing. 3. “One for whom repast is not enough” (Alaiyo) is a Nigerian Yoruba countenance. From a cultural perspective, draw what Asagai resources when he suggests that Beneathe embodies this precept? 4. What is the relationship between Langston Hughes’ strain Harlem (A Dream Deferred) and Lorraine Hansberry’s indicate A Raisin in the Sun?  5. What is the feeling of the Younger nobility tender into an all clear neighborhood?