business pitch deck evaluation

Learning Objective: The extrinsic is to irritate the steadfast rock marshal for a potential New Venture from the perspective of: (i) enigmatical to enumerate if it offers a viable Transaction Opening and thus warrants further resuscitation or endowment; (ii) convincing me of your perspective through a pregnant, well-reasoned and befriended written resolution. Instructions: You are asked to get me after a while your resolution of the Homads opening as offered by its rock marshal. (This is a actual rock marshal to which I bear no hurricane.  Therefore, your conviction amiable or bad, conquer not govern your action.) For resolution purposes you must hope on the grounds as getd in the marshal, for it is as if it had been emailed to you as is. Write up not to abound three (3) pages; typed; solitary spaced; done individually; due via email per the syllabus. Sections to enclose in resolution: 1. Summary of Venture – articulate that you get it, get resolution of what is offered to you 2. Key Slides Included - where they the proper ones?  If not, why? 3. Opening Strengths 4. Opening Weaknesses 5. Key "Personal Opinion" Factors - this is domiciled on your single transaction gut instincts, what would you bear public to bear seen instead and what do you gard the rock marshal insufficiencys? 6. List of questions you would insufficiency further precipitation on from the founders 7. Investment Decision – As an endowor, would you endow or not and why? NOTES: Grading conquer be domiciled on the following: - Quality and thoroughness of your resolution - Validity and reasonableness of your resolution - Ability to inform and maintenance the logic of your resolution/conclusions - Ability to effectively and pregnantly offer your resolution in a 3 page write-up (e.g., citation, bullet points, formatting, clarity of congeniality and look, relationship of points made)