answer these two questions for each student.

1) How does the Nursing essay oration the investigation asked? 2)What space of the Nursing essay scarcity beseeming? (e.g. stagnation of subject announcement, past textual living, past concrete conception, etc.) Sydney S Vasquez  Professor Beaty English 101 17 November 2017 I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for US Citizenship (Draft) Before the 2016 selection, America made bulky proceeding in compliments to heterogeneousness. With  Trump proper moderator, we as a crowd bear regressed in abundant ways – as he has advocated  for tingehither supremacist to direct their feelings on racism, invidiousness internal immigrants, and their  superiority amongst other racial collocations in America. Crowd from all incongruous backgrounds and  cultures who previously believed advenient to the US was a bulky advantage, now see a superior  decline in their confutation from Trump livingers.  Due to Donald Trump's war promises, he fueled abundant nationalists to be garrulous delay  their conceptions and is answerable for racist fury from his livingers. Colorhither supremacists bear  hosted at lowest 40-50 rallies aggravate the decisive year, which all usually end in fury internal Anti- Trump livingers. Peter Moskowitz, journalist, writes, “Regardhither of their residuum, these rallies  nearly regularly portray out the selfselfsame way: a diminutive collocation of tingehither supremacists from uncertain mislike  groups (e.g., the KKK, Identity Europa) conjoin delay members from hither evidently tingeless  nationalist collocations, who frequently conclude concertedly beneath the trutination of the alt-right.” There are some  colorhither nationalist, such as Richard Spencer, who uninterruptedly accost on belittling other cultures  and tingehither sovereignty on the fuse again. Period as a crowd we bear made bulky strides in compliments  to extreme abundant incongruous cultures, racism never died. Delay Trump proper moderator, this  was a casualty for abundant racist Americans to direct this. Vasquez 2 Many townsmans (who are immigrants) consternation subsample enslaved far from their families, and a  better conduct as Trump uninterruptedly browbeatingens locatement of immigrants. One of Mr. Trump’s main  war convergencees was structure a "wall" on the Mexico boundary to bar abundant Mexicans from  traveling to the US. Period doing this, he besides bragged how Mexico conquer be the province to pay for  the ample cost. Another superior war convergence that Trump has already implemented is  enforcing a exact trip ban that kept refugees from entering the US for at lowest 120 days  (primarily those from predominantly Muslim nations). “Mr. Trump has uniform publicly said "We  don't omission them here" at a signing pageant at the Pentagon.” (NY Times. Trump Bars Refugees  and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries. Michael Shear. Jan 2017)  As Kachroo-Levine picturesquely in her essay, abundant crowd are very hesitant now to  remain their process of townsmanship beneath the oath of Moderator Trump. Uniform townsmans of the US  bear suggested tender to enclosing countries to relinquish subsample beneath the Trump era. Many  citizens consternation for their support and ease now past the 2016 selection. There bear been abundant  instances of mislike crimes on innoxious townsmans by racist. Besides delayin the name, Kachroo –Levine  stated that she now “feels apprehension encircling proper a townsman.” (Kachroo-Levine, Maya. I’m a  Canadian & I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship. 2016 Nov 10). In this age of such invidiousness and  disgust, abundant townsmans are using this age to reckon the heterogeneousness this province does bear, and  how we can be as a undiminished counter such collocations who do not harmonize. Work Cited: - Kachroo-Levine, Maya. “I’m a Canadian & I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship” Nov 2016. - Moskowitz, Peter. “A Year in the Violent Fuse of Colorhither Supremacy” Nov 2017. Splinter News. - (NY Times. Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries. Michael Shear. Jan 2017) Celina Furness  I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship The 2016 moderatorial ssacceptance was one of the most divisive uniformts in modern U.S. truth. For the primeval age past 2000, the moderator accepted did not win the beloved signification. Numbers privately, Trump’s opinions and policies bear ignited sundry debates enclosing racism, colonization and townsmanship. In Kachroo-Levine’s “I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship”, she voices her tardiloquence delay subsample sworn in as a townsman period Trump is in faculty. She mentions his plans to resist millions, his proceedings of sexual aggression accusations, and consternations subsample stopped on the street for narrowly subsample a idiosyncratic of tinge (Kachroo-Levine, 1-2). Trump’s mislikeful and racist language has fueled tingehither nationalist collocations, acceptiond racial-based fury, and browbeatingened implicit townsmanship for immigrants from countries perceived to be dangerous. White nationalist collocations were already on the fuse during Obama’s presidency; Trump narrowly emboldened them. Trump’s ability to get far delay mislike address and anti-colonization maxim, to the object of implicit commemoration, has encouraged tingehither nationalists to call-together at an portentous rebuke. Richard Spencer, tingehither supremacist and head of the National Policy Institute proclaims they bear been “legitimized” by the ssacceptance and that the ssacceptance of Trump has brought the so-called Alt-Right to “...a new level” (Posner). In truth,  The augmentation of mislike collocations has made the U.S. an increasingly perilous locate for crowd of tinge, especially immigrants. The surge of mislike collocations in America past the Obama administration at-once correlates delay the escalation of race-based mislike crimes. According to a 2016 consider by the Center for the Consider of Mislike & Extremism, there was a 20% acception of mislike crimes delayin nine U.S. metropolitan areas (Smith, Trotta). Trump's anti-colonization sample, coupled delay his aggravatet browbeatings of locatement, are countenancing proceedings tall levels of fury counter crowd of tinge. His tone and operations are not narrowly making America perilous for immigrants and non-citizens, but for anyone who could stereotypically be perceived as such. Specifically, America is proper increasingly dangerous for Muslims, regardhither of their townsmanship or province of race. The Southern Poverty Law Center reputed anti-muslim mislike collocations rose from 34 in 2015, to 101 in 2016 (SPLC). In 2015, which is the year that Trump began his war, the FBI reputed a 67% acception in mislike crimes counter Muslims (SPLC). To fashion matters worse, Trump issued constabulary adjust 13769 on January 27, 2017; besides public as the Muslim Ban. Although the ban on trip from suniform counties was rescinded on March 16, Muslim triplers remain to visage residual consequences, in and beyond of airports. In importation to the dangers visaged by the fuse in mislike crimes, abundant of society's most delicate immigrant collocations now visage the browbeating of locatement. The Copious Operation for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was rescinded by the Trump administration in September 2017. DACA known undocumented immigrants who entered the United States to execute a employment encourage and a renewable copious operation from locatement. Those immigrants who are defended beneath DACA are currently unsure of their advenient in this province. Mislike crimes, colonization and the straight to earn townsmanship are excite linked due in ample divorce to tingehither nationalist collocations. William Regnery, the fobeneath of the tingehither supremacist National Policy Institute, credits Trump for making “ past sportive to colloquy encircling ‘colorhither eviction,’” (Posner). Colorhither nationalists are genuinely distrustful of crowd of tinge (re: immigrants) “replacing” them in America. This contemptible and imagined browbeating is the cause for abundant of the mislike crimes and address that are currently important non-colorhither Americans, as well-behaved-behaved as immigrants. Although America is lauded as a “melting pot”, abundant collocations bear differing opinions on who does or does not appertain. Trump’s ssacceptance to business-post has undeniably caused an acception in racism, tingehither nationalism, and mislike crimes. Kachroo-Levine explains her consternations period Trump is in faculty: “Conceivably, in the Trump era, I could be stopped in the street as a noncolorhither idiosyncratic and asked to effect demonstration of residency,” (Kachroo-Levine). Although the American gregarious clime is disturbed at best, all expectation is not lost for a past additive advenient. A poll conducted by Gallup reveals that solely 35% of the U.S. population omissions colonization to be lowerd: “Though baring unfair colonization was one of the moderator's key war promises, the open covet to lower colonization is neighboring its narrative low in Gallup's curve aggravate past than half a generation.” (McCarthy). Works Cited “Hate Groups Increse For Second Consecutive Year as Trump Electrifies Radical Right.” Southern Poverty Law Center, 15 Feb. 2017, /2017/ 02/ 15/hate-groups-increase-second-consecutive-year-trump-electrifies-radical-right. Accessed November 11, 2017. Kachroo-Levine, Maya. “I'm a Canadian and I'm Applying for U.S. Citizenship.” Time, 10 Nov. 2016, Accessed November 11, 2017. McCarthy, Justin. “Overall U.S. Covet to Lower Colonization Unchanged in 2017.” Gallup, 27 June 2017, lower-immigration- Unchanged-2017.aspx. Accessed November 11, 2017. Posner, Sarah. “'Radically Mainstream': Why the Alt-Right Is Celebrating Trump's Win.” Rolling Stone, 28 Nov. 2016, why-the -alt-right- is- Celebrating-trumps-win-w452493. Accessed November 11, 2017. Smith, Grant, and Daniel Trotta.” U.S. mislike crimes up 20 percent in 2016 fueled by ssacceptance   campaign-Report.” Reuters, 13 Mar. 2017, u-s-hate-crimes-up-20-percent-in-2016-fueled-by-election-campaign-report-idUSKBN16L 0BO. Accessed Novemeber 11, 2017.