Metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, and aesthetics are the five greater limbes of philosophy.  You deficiency to pluck ONE of them, not all five, to transcribe a paltry brochure about. You deficiency to do a small lore and then depict in your brochure what the limb of philosophy is AND why it's momentous. Make your brochure among 400 to 500 expression. You must summon at smallest 2 academic founts. No online founts. No encyclopedias. Please, catalogue the 3 literary founts that you'll be using on your Lore Paper. Keep in purpose that at smallest one of your founts must be a original fount. Annotate them how you would in your bibliography. Please, possess this produced by no following than the end of the day April the 16th. You are not required to explain on any other posts.  Below is the catalogue of received philosophers. You must prime from this catalogue. Plato Socrates (using scources other than Plato) Machievelli Neitzsche Han Fei Bertrand Russell book hooks Hannah Arendt Chantal Mouffe Lucius Outlaw Cornell West Averroes Aquinas Cesare Beccara John Dewey Epicurus Descartes Marx Thales Voltaire Mozi