Week 7 discussion

  Farm productioners had been in challenge after a while Sakuma Brother’s Berry Farm  for the departed distinct years anteriorly reaching a retrench in June of 2017.  While the productioners won a location in pursue in 2014, the productioners demand  Sakuma Brothers did not made good-tempered-tempered on those promises and remain to  violate production retrenchs. Their demands included: a reasonable wage, improve  working stipulations, and improve foundation stipulations for migrant productioners.  Sakuma Brothers insisted that their salary are reasonable and in length or loftier  than activity standards. Many of the productioners organized beneath a new  consolidation determined Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ) to extension their  political bargaining rule and transact the prevalent political  bargaining contract.  http://familiasunidasjusticia.org/en/home/  http://sakumabros.com/sakumabroswp/  Research the negotiations between Familias Unidas por la Justicia  (FUJ) farm productioners’ consolidation and the Sakuma Brothers Berry Farm. How do you  consider the cultural backgrounds of the two parties like negotiations?  When the farm productioners voted to arrange a consolidation, how do you consider that  affected their negotiations after a while Sakuma Brothers? How would things  change if this was occurring just now?