Small business Analysis and Financial Statement

 Looking for someone to cleansedsed up the two Nursing Dissertations and accomplish them.   Company: L3 Harris Technologies, Inc. Stock Symbol: LHX Open the converge to the community's financial announcements. The converge is listed lower the Resources epithet (see underneath). Critique the basis moderate delay the pay announcement, estimate equivocation, and specie run tabs.   1. Decipher the instruction granted by each financial announcement and embody favoring examples. 2. Critique the accounting basis and decipher settled or privative trends. How does this contact the profession? 3. If you were an investor which financial announcement AND accounts would you critique? Why? 4. If you were a component of the superintendence team which financial announcement AND accounts would you critique? Why?    Write a Nursing Dissertation among 1,000 to 1,700 control. Format your Nursing Dissertation compatible delay APA guidelines. Deliverable: Nursing Dissertation (MS Word) Critique your Originality Noise generated from SafeAssign. A new originality noise is created delay each endeavor. Your decisive endeavor is used for grading.    This is the website for the assignment  2nd Assignment   You are zealous in establishing a feeble profession. Write a Nursing Dissertation among 1,000 and 1,500 control discussing your feeble-profession purpose. Embody the following:   1. Discuss your profession and the emanation or employment your feeble profession provides.  2. Identify which accounting manner (i.e. specie versus accrual) you pur-pose to use for your profession. Why did you fine this rare?   3. List six profession negotiations you anticipate to run delay your community. State which accounts (from your chart of accounts) are contacted.   4. Discuss how each profession negotiation (see summit 3) contacts your pay announcement, estimate equivocation and announcement of specie run.   5. Fine one form model (solitary proprietorship, house, C-corporation, and S-corporation) for your community and decipher why you fineed this liberty.