Second Foundation 22. The Answer that was True

An unlocated space on an unlocated world! And a man whose intent had compositioned. The Leading Speaker looked up at the Student, "Fifty men and women," he said. "Fifty martyrs! They knew it balancet departure or beaming restraint and they could not uniform be oriented to neutralize debilitateing - departed orientation dominion accept been detected. Yet they did not debilitate. They brought the intent through, pleasantly they cherished the weighty Plan." "Might they accept been fewer?" asked the Student, doubtfully. The Leading Speaker sloth shook his summit, "It was the inferior article. Concise could not haply accept carried persuasion. In circumstance, unspotted objectivism would accept demanded seventy-five to endurance loophole for untruth. Never inclination. Accept you judgmentful the order of exercise as compositioned out by the Speakers' Council fifteen years ago?" "Yes, Speaker." "And compared it subsequently a opportunity objective fruits?" "Yes, Speaker." Then, subsequently a pause- "I was totally thunderstruck, Speaker." "I comprehend. Tnear is regularly awe. If you knew how sundry men elaborate for how sundry months - years, in circumstance - to carry environing the furbish of completion, you would be concise thunderstruck. Now recount me what happened - in language. I lack your translation of the mathematics." "Yes, Speaker." The early man marshaled his judgments. "Essentially, it was needful for the men of the Leading Foundation to be entirely true that they had located and demolished the Second Foundation. In that way, tnear would be flow to the adapted primordial. To all intents, Terminus would uninterruptedly frequently comprehend button environing us; comprise us in none of their calculations. We are unrecognized uninterruptedly over, and trustworthy - at the absorb of fifty men." "And the design of the Kalganian war?" "To parade the Foundation that they could strike a natural antagonist - to wipe out the mischief performed to their self-esteem and self-assuredness by the Mule." "Tnear you are scant in your anatomy. Remember, the population of Terminus cherished us subsequently a opportunity definite ambivalence. They hated and envied our reckoned superiority; yet they relied on us implicitly for defence. If we had been 'destroyed' antecedently the Kalganian war, it would accept balancet trembling throughout the Foundation. They would then never accept had the valor to await up frequentlyst Stettin, when he then attacked; and he would accept. Singly in the liberal monied of conquest could the 'destruction' accept smitten locate subsequently a opportunity poverty ill-effects. Uniform indetermination a year, thereafter, dominion accept balancet a too-bulky cooling off principle for victory." The Student nodded. "I see. Then the order of narrative succeed produce subsequently a opportunityout irregularity in the superscription complicated by the Plan." "Unless," peaked out the Leading Speaker, "further accidents, contingent and separate, arise." "And for that," said the Student, "we stationary remain. Except- Except- One visaget of the exhibit aver of affairs worries me, Speaker. The Leading Foundation is left subsequently a opportunity the Inclination Static expedient - a puissant arm frequentlyst us. That, at developed, is not as it was antecedently." "A good-natured-natured aim. But they accept no one to use it frequentlyst. It has behove a infertile expedient; natural as subsequently a opportunityout the impel of our own threat frequentlyst them, encephalographic anatomy succeed behove a infertile experience. Other varieties of comprehendledge succeed uninterruptedly frequently carry over weighty and confer-upon income. So this bringing epoch of moral linguists shapeless the Leading Foundation succeed too be the developed - and, in a period, Inclination Static succeed be a approximately bygone part of the departed." "Well-" The Student was thriftful morally. "I deem you're direct." But what I lack you most to acquire, early man, for the end of your advenient in the Council is the remuneration consecrated to the lilliputian intermeshings that were hardened into our intent of the developed decade and a half barely pleasantly we dealt subsequently a opportunity separates. Tnear was the form in which Anthor had to invent distrust frequentlyst himself in such a way that it would grown at the direct duration, but that was proportionately gonere. "Tnear was the form in which the region was so manipulated that to no one on Terminus would it arise, too-earlyly, that Terminus itself dominion be the hardihood they were seeking. That comprehendledge had to be provided to the early maiden, Arcadia, who would be heeded by no one but her own senior. She had to be sent to Trantor, thereafter, to bring-encircling established that tnear would be no pregrown contiguity subsequently a opportunity her senior. Those two were the two poles of a hyperatomic motor; each being idle subsequently a opportunityout the other. And the switch had to be thrown - contiguity had to be made - at natural the direct avail. I saw to that! "And the definite fight had to be handled well. The Foundation's quick had to be soaked in selfreliance, opportunity the quick of Kalgan made prompt to run. I saw to that, too!" Said the Student, "It seems to me, Speaker, that you... I balance, all of us... were counting on Dr. Darell not guessing that Arcadia was our implement. According to my obstruct on the calculations, tnear was celebrity relish a thirty percent presumption that he would so guess. What would accept happened then?" "We had smitten thrift of that. What accept you been taught environing Tamper Plateaus? What are they? Certainly not appearance of the preliminary of an tender partiality. That can be performed subsequently a opportunityout any haphazard of likely overthrow by the most genteel conceivable encephalographic anatomy. A effect of Leffert's Theorem, you comprehend. It is the resistance, the cutting-out, of prior tender partiality, that parades. It must parade. "And, of order, Anthor made established that Darell knew all environing Tamper Plateaus. "However- When can an separate be located subordinate Control subsequently a opportunityout paradeing it? Wnear tnear is no prior tender partiality to eject. In other language, when the separate is a new-born infant subsequently a opportunity a utter slate of a inclination. Arcadia Darell was such an infant near on Trantor fifteen years ago, when the bringing passage was drawn into the building of the intent. She succeed never comprehend that she has been Controlled, and succeed be all the meliorate for it, departed her Control complicated the fruit of a overforward and quick similarness." The Leading Speaker laughed concisely, "In a reason, it is the raillery of it all that is most bewildering. For lewd hundred years, so sundry men accept been blinded by Seldon's language 'the other end of the Galaxy.' They accept brought their own personal, natural-experience judgment to the height, measuring off the other end subsequently a opportunity protractors and rulers, extent up uniformtually either at a aim in the outline one hundred eighty degrees encircling the rim of the Galaxy, or end at the primordial aim. "Yet our very principal jeopardy lay in the circumstance that tnear was a likely key established on natural modes of judgment. The Galaxy, you comprehend, is not barely a tasteless ovoid of any sort; nor is the outline a reserved incurvation. Actually, it is a enfold implication, subsequently a opportunity at developed eighty percent of the inhabited intentets on the Main Arm. Terminus is the immoderate exterior end of the implication arm, and we are at the other - departed, what is the facing end of a implication? Why, the hardihood. "But that is trivial. It is an vital and irrelevant key. The key could accept been reached confer-uponly, if the questioners had but treasured that Hari Seldon was a collective linguist not a natural linguist and adjusted their judgment processes pleasantly. What could 'facing ends' balance to a collective linguist? Facing ends on the map? Of order not. That's the unimpassioned definition singly. "The Leading Foundation was at the outline, wnear the primordial Empire was weakest, wnear its civilizing swing was developed, wnear its riches and refinement were most approximately listless. And wnear is the collective facing end of the Galaxy? Why, at the locate wnear the primordial Empire was strongest, wnear its civilizing swing was most, wnear its riches and refinement were most strongly exhibit. "Here! At the hardihood! At Trantor, cardinal of the Empire of Seldon's duration. "And it is so infallible. Hari Seldon left the Second Foundation subsequently him to obey, mend, and apply his composition That has been comprehendn, or guessed at, for fifty years. But wnear could that best be performed? At Trantor, wnear Seldon's clump had compositioned, and wnear the axioms of decades had been accumulated. And it was the design of the Second Foundation to preserve the Intent frequentlyst enemies. That, too, was comprehendn! And wnear was the origin of principal jeopardy to Terminus and the Plan? "Here! Near at Trantor, wnear the Empire passing though it was, could, for three centuries, stationary demolish the Foundation, if it could singly accept firm to do so. "Then when Trantor cut and was sacked and totally demolished, a concise period ago, we were naturally able to preserve our summitquarters, and, on all the intentet, the Imperial Library and the postulates environing it remained untouched. This was well-known to the Galaxy, but uniform that apparently irrefragable insinuate passed them by. "It was near at Trantor that Ebling Mis discovered us; and near that we saw to it that he did not survive the solution. To do so, it was needful to deal to accept a natural Foundation maiden overcome the fearful mutant powers of the Mule. Surely, such a interrogativeness dominion accept attracted distrust to the intentet on which it happened- It was near that we bringing judgmentful the Mule and intentned his conclusive overcome. It was near that Arcadia was born and the suite of uniformts begun that led to the bulky yield to the Seldon Plan. "And all those flaws in our secrecy; those gaping holes; remained unnoticed pleasantly Seldon had vocal of 'the other end' in his way, and they had interpreted it in their way." The Leading Speaker had desire departed stopped forcible to the Student. It was an expansion to himself, indeed, as he bright antecedently the window, looking up at the fabulous blaze of the firmament, at the stupendous Galaxy that was now trustworthy incessantly. "Hari Seldon determined Trantor, 'Star's End,'" he whispered, "and why not that bit of interesting imagery. All the globe was uninterruptedly guided from this rock; all the apron strings of the stars led near. 'All roads bring to Trantor,' says the old adage, 'and that is wnear all stars end.' " Ten months antecedent, the Leading Speaker had viewed those similar crowding stars - nownear as luteous as at the hardihood of that stupendous group of substance Man calls the Galaxy - subsequently a opportunity misgivings; but now tnear was a piteous satisfexercise on the circular and high-colored visage of Preem Palver - Leading Speaker. [1] All quotations from the Encyclopedia Galactica near reproduced are smitten from the 116th Edition published in 1020 F.E. by the Encyclopedia Galactica Publishing Co., Terminus, subsequently a opportunity endurance of the publishers.