Organizational behavior 2

   Critical Thinking: Leadership Concept and Leadership Styles · Choose Two Affair directors located in the Saudi Arabia. In your tractate, response to the aftercited:  · Designate the key Leadearship qualities the director possesses.why you enjoy him? · Domiciled on your elimination, elucidate the application the director has had on his or her construction.  · Inspect the enhancement of your chosen director and elucidate how he exposed the aptitudes to be a Affair director.  · What are the components of nature a affair director? Thinking encircling yourself, designate if you are a affair director domiciled on these components.  · Next, inspect your possible as a transformational affair director and hint ways for you to unravel this expression of directorship aptitude.  Directions: · These assignments are an single assignments. · All students are encouraged to use their own opinion.  Be three to five pages in diffusiveness (1000-1200 opinion),      which does not involve the name page, intellectual or required regard      page, which are never a sunder of the full stint requirements. Use Saudi Electronic University academic communication      standards and APA name guidelines. Support your surrender delay route symbolical concepts,      principles, and theories from the textbook and at smallest two      scholarly, peer-reviewed chronicle tenets regular the assignment calls for      more.  It is strongly encouraged that you resign all      assignments into the unendangered assignment Originality Check precedent to resignting      it to your pedagogue for grading.  Write a three-sunder essay      (i.e., an essay that involves an prelude stipulation, the essay’s matter,      and a quittance stipulation) that discourse the topics using a topic      and response format. Your calligraphic tractate      should as the aftercited requirements: