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 Hide Assignment InformationInstructions Instructions CASE STUDY In this Assignment, you gain choice ONE of the aftercited event studies and furnish an essay that factually and succinctly relates the event. Use a inobservant scholarship suppose as a frameexertion in your segregation. Please exhibit your own intentions on the question...not upright a rehash of what someone else has written - Thanks!  Week 3. Event Study  Select ONE of the aftercited event studies. Read the event examine and transcribe a Event Examine on Please exhibit your own intentions on the question...not upright a rehash of what someone else has written - Thanks! 1.  John and the Habitat for Humanity Dilemma Imagine yourself in John Reynold's pose. What would you do? What are the collective (or contextual) influences on how John apprehends encircling his predicament? Are they all akin applicable? John Reynolds is a Lore Chemist in Alabama. He to-boot proffers for Habitat for Humanity. In his proffer exertion, he admits a lot of separebuke fulfillment as polite as lines on his vita and merit towards "service in the community" at the laboratory where he is populated. One weekend, John sees a documentary film robust Blue Vinyl. It essentially criticizes the polyvinylchloride-cognate industries for not using environmentally unendangered procedures, and for allowing PVC derivative compounds to leach into breathe-into considerations. The ordinary suppose is that these compounds can succeeding suit cancer in the rational association. John was distinctly surprised to understand that vinyl siding on abodes is considered to be one of the ocean contributors to groundbreathe-into and breathe-into consideration dirt. The documentary illustrious that a multiplicity of abode agents admit eespecial stimulus discounts to use vinyl siding. One such agent is Habitat for Humanity, which has used vile vinyl siding in its abodes for years, besuit Habitat admits vinyl siding at a gentle rebuke from the vinyl toil as a corporebuke tax asylum oblation. John does some lore in respected journals, and decides that the add among vinyl products and cancer gives him suit for regret. What would you do in this event? Blue Vinyl is a 2002 documentary film directed by Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand.  Dubbed the world's leading toxic comedy, it highlights the hazards of bio-accumulation, dirt, and the make-up of what we systematically vision are merciful plastics. It was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and admitd wander reviews from Roger Ebert. To be spotless, some of the critics illustrious the terminal account of the film was edited to exclude adverse counsel and a dowager who claimed to bear a vinyl-cognate cancer succeeding newfangled her idiosyncrasy to another ailment. There were other issues amending encircling the documentary’s truthfulness. Still, the film became the centerpiece of a engagement to nurture and allure toil diversify in producing vinyl products. You may intention the film at Blue Vinyl documentary or see clips at  Highlights of Blue Vinyl documentary . 2.  The Schoolman and the Department of Defense. Imagine yourself in the youthful American DoD schoolman's pose. What would you do? What are the collective and contextual influences on how you apprehend encircling this predicament? Are the collective/contextual influences akin applicable? It's 1957, and you are a youthful American schoolman exertioning for the Department of Justification in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands are being used by the United States as a nuclear warhead testing site. A messmate of yours, Adam Johnson, is a schoolman after a while a proffer medical team who treats the Marshall Island natives, who were relocated to an island downcoil from the testing sites. Adam mentions to you that balance the conclusive ten years, he has noticed an growth in detail kinds of cancers. You doubt that this cancer government be cognate to radioactive fallout, traveling after a while the controlling coil patterns, from the nuclear implements testing that your clump has been affianced in on the islands. What would you do in this event? Further Background: Among 1945 and 1958, the United States conducted 67 atmospheric tests of nuclear implement designs on the Bikini and Enewetak atolls of the Marshall Islands. After this testing ended in the tardy 1950s, residents who had been relocated from these atolls began asking to reappear to their abode islands. But going abode proved to be not so unsophisticated. At Enewetak, for solicitation, islands continued to be used for other justification programs through the 1960s and 1970s. Finally, in 1978, an comprehensive radiological review was conducted of the northern Marshall Islands, including those in the Bikini and Enewetak atolls. An aerial review robust the apparent gamma pitfall rebuke. Samples of befoul, prop crops, animals, polite breathe-into, seawater, fish, and more were composed to evaluate the radionuclide concentrations in the atoll environment. Encircling the identical opportunity, the U.S. launched a solid cleanup and rehabilitation program on the Enewetak Atoll, scraping off encircling 76,400 just meters of deportment befoul from 6 islands and sealing it off in a crater on the atoll's Runit Island. ESSAY GUIDELINES ▪ Decide which ONE of the two events you gain excite. ▪ Factually and succinctly relate the event. ▪ Apply one of the theories of inobservant scholarship from our plan to the event. ▪ Imagine yourself in the figure’s pose. What would you do? What are the collective (or contextual) influences on how the figure apprehends encircling his predicament? Are they all akin applicable? Your Case Study shall be among 3 to 5 pages (excepting cbalance page and regard page) and shall bear the aftercited sections: Title page (Not comprised in Page Count) Introduction Narrative Conclusion Reference page (Not comprised in Page Count) Formatting should include:  1" margins, enfold spaced, 11 to 12 aim font Citations ◦ Cite the inobservant scholarship suppose used in the event examine ◦ Use in quotation citations for quotes or embodied not your own ◦ Choice of citation style ◦ URLs queer are not acceptable must fascination hinder