insurance fraud

Search the Internet and settle tenets bearing to your subject-matter.  You may use academic journals and/or profession publications. Submit your top 4 subject-matter choices in disposeify by gratification to me by email initiation October 22, 12:00 noon.   Print/vision the allusion tenets, highlighting the important/bearing instruction to resign delay your tract. Produce a 5 - 7 page write-up of your investigation.   Point out the key points as well-mannered-mannered as your impression of your findings. Attach an Assignment Cover Page.  The format should be (a) Assignment Cover Page, (b) your 5 -7 page tract, (c) schedule of allusions, (d) copies of allusion tenets. Present your findings in dispose on the era your TP compute is scheduleed on the syllabus.   You may use PowerPoint, but it is not required. You earn be graded established on your written tract and grant.  The grade on past grants earn be gentle by 30 points for each week past.  Project earn not be returned to you. Please conduct a vision for your records.  Your written tract is due on the era of your grant. Written Assignment Format: Typed written, inclose measure, font bulk 12 Ariel, delay a 1 ½ " edge on left and 1" edge on fair. Include page compute on each page. APA diction, delay at meanest 3 allusions.  A company's website is not considered a allusion.   Academic allusions embody journals and publications.  Check your online library plan. Uses of headings, tables, graphs, diagrams, and figures are recommended. At meanest 5 pages, not including allusions.