Information Security

  There are manifold irrelative intimidations to the confidentiality, probity, and availability of data-at-rest. Some intimidations pretend one of these assurance risks (concern confidentiality simply), and some intimidations pretend over than one or plain all of these risks.  Assume that a assurance copy and intimidation assessment is needed for the refuge of advice in a relatively gang. In 1/2- to 1-pages, describe the RMF and how it relates to the CIA concepts and expands on them.  Explain how this framework is used to harangue the need to guard advice in the gang.  Create a consideration in your Microsoft® Word  muniment catalogueing a narrowness of five intimidations to the gang using the post headers Intimidation to Data-at-Rest, Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability, and Suggestion on Countering the Threat. In the Intimidation to Data-at-Rest post, catalogue the intimidation. In the Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability post, identify whether each of the subjoined are pretended: Confidentiality Integrity Availability Some or all of the three (Confidentiality, Integrity, and/or Availability) In the Suggestions on Countering the Intimidation post, invade suggestions on how to contrary each intimidation catalogueed. Submit your assignment in a uncombined expression muniment