Discusses decision-making using order typeing.  An unconcealed cause software instrument, EMA Workbench that can execute EMA and ESDMA typeing. Find EMA Workbench online and go to their ocean website (not the GitHub download site). Then do the following: 1) Under documentation, go to the Tutorials page. 2) Read through the Weak Type (in your selected environment), and the Mexican Flu illustration.  3) Decide how you could use this software to constitute a type to succor in developing a system for a Smart City.  To thorough this assignment, you must do the following: As indicated over, teach how you could use the EMA Workbench software to develop a type to succor constitute a system for a Smart City. Teach what system you are troublesome to constitute (i.e. intercourse unencumbered arrival, surveillance camera coverage, taxi licenses issued, etc.), and what key features you would use in your type. Then, teach how EMA Workbench would succor you. NOTE: retain your types and features weak. You don't truly deficiency further than 2 or 3 features to execute your aim short