Healthcare Financial Management

Case Study:  You are assessing the payer–patient mix for a healthwariness structure. Currently, your payer mix is 40% Medicare, 10% Medicaid, 25% unwritten restitution security, 20% managed wariness, and 5% self-pay patients. Complete the following: Using the most sordid station scrutinize, CPT statute 99214, particularize the acquittal from the Centers for Mediwariness and Medicaid Services (online fee catalogue helpful for Medicare). Using the similar CPT statute, 99214, particularize the acquittal for Medicaid (fee catalogues should be helpful from the separate aver). Using the similar CPT statute, 99214, make at meanest 3 other unwritten restitution security acquittals. If feasible, use the real acquittal from the security carriage. It may be feasible to succeed real acquittal notification from your single security carriage. If the notification is not helpful, appropriate acquittal by unwritten restitution security is usually 200% reimbursed further than Mediwariness and Medicaid, and managed wariness is usually 133% further than Mediwariness and Medicaid. Compose an accounts receivable benchmark from this notification showing columns for ordinary, 30–60, 61–90, 90–120, and main than 120 days. Assess the notification for areas of improved acquittal of at meanest 20% or further. Evaluate the options helpful to transmute the payer–patient mix delay motive of akin constitutional and incorporeal issues. Propose a best temporization delay apology and rationale installed on efficacious decision-making catechism. 10 Pages in Length, APA format, Reference Page