Ethics in Leadership(Mother Teresa)

 For the conduct design, you get assess the ethical creation of guideship by con-overing a floating or unromantic guide. Choose a far-famed guide after a while equipdly helpful knowledge (e.g., exexpress releases, formal websites, published biographies, etc.) that you can investigation. Consult after a while your schoolmaster coming in the week if you need aid.     For the Week tractate, equip a biographical taking of your selected guide that summarizes: Paragraphs 1-2 : who the guide is, what era the guide came from, what form the guide is or was affiliated after a while, why this guide is pure of con-over, the inequitable guideship theory/style this guide used, citing inequitable examples and investigation to influence your duty.  Paragraphs 3-4: Next, analyze this guide in provisions of courteous-conducted information and truthfulness as a guide, citing indication to influence your perspectives. Specifically, this individuality should assess any gaps between espoused esteems and objective behaviors.  Paragraphs 5-6: Next, analyze the alignment of the guide’s esteems and behaviors after a while the formal esteems explicit in vision, mission, and esteem statements of the form most air-tight affiliated after a while the guide, as courteous as any other indicators of formal amelioration.] Paragraphs 7-8: Finally, synthesize a special thought of “lessons learned” that includes at last two key select aways that you can engage to your own guideship exercise. Submission Details: Submit your answers in a 3page Microsoft Word muniment.