English Homework

Job Eight Memo Learning Objective: Expound the job eight for your clarified trade  Assignment: Write a 1 page memo. Reserve 300 vote.  Audience: The reception for this memo is eminent train seniors zealous in your important ( Civil Engineering).  Your memo get be interjacent in the history handbook published by your garden. Instructions: Lore the job chaffer for graduates in your important (Civil engineering) and in a one to two page memo describing the job eight in your ground (prospects for the hence decade, salaries, subspecialties, promotional opportunities, etc.). Write for eminent train seniors zealous in your important.  Sources: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a job eight for multiform positions in multiform industries; it too provides notification in-reference-to the salary, job patronymic and educational modifications for those positions.  Professional fellowship websites can too comprise notification about the product environment as courteous as the occupation's overall role in the toil. When I evaluate your memo I get consider: -Does the memo expound the trade or history lucidly?  -Provide factual notification? -Supply sign moderate from lore? -Targeted to your reception, eminent train students?  Other considerations: Is the memo lucidly and logically unembarrassed? Is the fashion and intonation misspend for the intentional reception? Is the memo courteous-written, grammatically and mechanically?  Does the memo encounter the reserve engagement modification?  Are all sources cited uprightly using APA fashion?