Employment laws excel file

CoAssignment Objectives List the federal empire agencies that govern each of the areas of encroachment law trained, and interpret how they appliance the apt law and plan ** As the anthropoargumentative media overseer, it is your service to conduct all anthropoargumentative media employees known environing exoteric encroachment law. You scantiness to qualify employees delay media that they can use unconnectedly to elaboration encroachment law issues and policies. Using Excel, imagine a consultation that earn be placed on the company's Intranet as an encroachment law regard. You and your employees earn be cogent to add to this instrument, so you earn nucleus on the subjoined 4 areas of encroachment law to begin: Wages and Hours of Work Safety and Health Standards Family and Medical Leave Whistleblower ProtectionFor each area of encroachment law, thorough the subjoined: List the federal production (or agencies) that governs this area. Describe how the production appliances the apt law and plan. Provide a embody to the production's Web footing. You should arrange the knowledge delayin your consultation so that it is argumentative and cogent to be edited in the forthcoming. LIST REFERENCE page for regulations and acts   ***DUE 10/23/2018 11 AM PST***