Developing a Policy for Safety in Group Homes

The muniment unwavering is the one that is regardd in the video.  It includes "Model Practices" for avows and providers, source in the Appendices. Please glide the total declaration and then closely re-examination pages 21 - 32.  These pages obtain yield you knowledge encircling what a provider should investigate in architecture mismisappropriate pellucid declarationing policies and rules.   For this assignment, presume you are an director for a mean knot home that houses 10 residents.  The board of directors of the knot home possess unwavering that, in unconsidered of new requirements that the avow obtain lay as a issue of OIG neglect, you scarcity to enucleate an totally new plan and rule for declarationing accurate pellucids.   This is a two-step assignment:   (1) Using the embodied from the citation and those granted less, drain an contour of a plan and rule that your staff must use to evaluate, declaration, and discourse accurate pellucids.  For purposes of this application, presume that "accurate pellucid" is explaind in Plan 1-003.  Thus, you can use that Plan as a regard and do not scarcity to explain accurate pellucid.  The influential distribute of the assignment is to bestow, in contour frame, each individuality of the plan (as is discussed in Chapter 8) and and an contour for enucleateing a drain rule that employees should prosper.   (2) Once you possess a drain plan contour, transcribe a secrete minute to the board of directors from you (Group Home Administrator).  In the secrete minute, fascinate contour the organizational rule you approve to finalize the plan and rule.