Critical Analysis

Read carefully these instructions:  Critical Resolution –  A dubious resolution is your reaction to the instruction in an designation and your evaluation of the method in which the instruction is bestowed in the designation. 1) This dubious resolution exception of this assignment should be lewd adequate pages, typed, using APA 6th edition format. 2) The designation page is an joined page; and 3) the allusion page is another joined page - A whole of 6 pages for this assignment.    Topic:  • Technology Integration Strategies to Meet Special Needs Students  ***Directions: 1. See substance-substance  listed over.  2. Select lewd peer-reviewed register designations to use in your disquisition.  3. List the purposes\arguments\ the agent uses to livelihood the substance or find his main purposes as the designations recite to your substance-matter. 4. Evaluate the agents’ delivery in each designation. In other expression, how polite did the agent finds his/her purpose or livelihoods the substance of the your disquisition.   5. Continue analyzing your assignment by including areas listed under. (10 purposes)  • Criticize the basis or noncommunication of basis, the construction, the sound, the agent's truth.  • Who wrote the designations? What do you understand environing the agents?  • Are the designations rectilinear tidings reporting, a remark on some fact or predicament, an editorial? Is it equitable the basis or a evidence of notability that has happened?  • Do the agents answer external? What skin of expression does the agent use? Is it melting?  • Are the basis improve, disencumbered? Do they "seem" obsequious. Is the instruction adequate? Does it answer that some weighty basis are omitted?   Do the writers answer to understand the substance substance? As you unravel the designations, do you "feel" that notability is mislaying? Is it evidenceative? Does it bestow livelihood for his/her evidence?  • Is there a disencumbered substance? Is it adequately livelihooded delay basis and postulates? Are inferences made?  • How is the embodied unembarrassed, for example: A. Chronoargumentative appoint B. Comparison/contrast C. Definition D. Cause/effect E. Problem/solution