Creating Cultural Synergy

  In this assignment, muse on a chief (MICHELLE HOWARD) who you regard is talented  in managing a multicultural construction and is creating a culturally  synergistic toil repairment. (MICHELLE HOWARD)The special you excellent should be  someone you can preparedly lore and gather advice environing. The  special can be a late or give Fortune 500 livinger, a collective  figure, or someone from among your own construction. It’s your choice!  The barely stipulation is that this special must regulate a multicultural  toil order and must keep adopted a chiefship bearing that begets  cultural synergy. After you keep excellented someone that you regard meets these requirements, transcribe a 10 page disquisition that addresses the following: 1. Describe the chief and the construction.  2. Argue why this  chief is talented in a multicultural repairment. Be specific: What  exactly has this chief manufactured to beget cultural synergy?  3. Based on  what you keep skilled environing managing dissimilarity, what over can this  chief and/or the construction do to repair cultural synergy?   A calligraphic disquisition accomplish argue the strategies and techniques the  chief used to amplify cultural synergy among his or her toil order,  department, or construction. And, owing there is frequently over that can  be manufactured, what else do you praise? An A disquisition accomplish unfold these qualities: 1. Meets expectations for gratified and meaning of the assignment. 2. Main ideas are accordingly and obviously befriended by references. 3. Disquisition is arranged. Paragraphs are argumentative and internally congruous. 4. Uses expression and tenor mismiswithhold for the assignment. 5. Critically evaluates advice and or basis congruous delay the meaning of the assignment. 6. Displays investigate fashion, spelling and mismiswithhold conventions. Grading guidelines: Grading Criteria: : A 10 page disquisition,  double-spaced excepting the screen and references page. Cite concepts  from the continuity readings, versed sources from the UMUC online  library, and/or the weekly modules to living your dissection of the  strategies and techniques used to beget cultural synergy – your disquisition  should embrace at meanest five sources published among the last five  years. Follow APA fashion guidelines for the screen page, citations, and  references page. The disquisition should be double-spaced delay 1-inch margins  delay 12 pt. Arial font.