Argument Revision Assignment

  ENGL 1020: Composition/Analysis     University of Memphis Argument Qualification Assignment  I entertain rewritten — frequently separate durations — perfect promise I entertain constantly published. My pencils outlast their erasers.” — Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory, 1966 “I don’t transcribe bigly or expeditiously. My primeval exhaust usually has solely a few elements price care. I entertain to invent what those are and contemplationt from them and fling out what doesn’t effort, or what merely is not brisk.” — Susan Sontag “Put down perfectthing that comes into your leader and then you’re a transcriber. But an committer is one who can critic his own stuff’s price, outside mercy, and undo most of it.” — Colette, Casual Chance, 1964 “By the duration I am nearing the end of a narrative, the primeval dissect earn entertain been rediscover and altered and corrected at lowest one hundred and fifty durations. I am mitigated of twain address and hasten. Good fitness is essentially rewriting. I am assured of this.” — Roald Dahl “The best counsel I can bestow on this is, uniformly it’s performed, to put it far until you can discover it delay new eyes. Finish the scanty narrative, sculpture it out, then put it in a drawer and transcribe other things. When you’re discovery, choose it up and discover it, as if you’ve nconstantly discover it precedently. If there are things you aren’t affable delay as a discoverer, go in and fix them as a transcriber: that’s qualification.” — Neil Gaiman Overview:  As the overhead quotes from glorious transcribers elucidate, lucky transcribers are lucky amendrs. Fitness ways frequently don’t contemplationt in duration to acknowledge for qualification, leaving the sophistical percussion that telling fitness can in-effect occur in a few days or weeks. Thus, your decisive and elder scheme of this way asks you to follow all that you entertain erudite encircling fitness processes, allaying, and discovery in command to amend your discoveryed evidence.  You may use fitness you executed in your primeval exhaust, but if the monograph does not qualify significantly, then your essay action earn be lowered. Your view for this monograph should be to mend your evidence and to mend your bestowal (tone, decision construction, form) of that evidence. This monograph should be a stint of prospect pages and use a stint of prospect sources (five of which entertain to be academic/government).  What is qualification? Qualification involves making global qualifys to your fitness. It involves deleting, emotional, and refitness big dissects (if not all) of your preceding exhausts. It frequently media doing new discovery, inventing new ways to debate your question, and level starting fresh—solely pulling promises from your primeval exhaust when categorically expedient (and level then those promises agency want to qualify). Revising is not the corresponding as editing and proofreading. Editing and proofreading rendezvous on decisions, promises, and achievement. Qualification rendezvouses on making sense and on the overall form and product of your evidence. This is the consummation of all of our effort this message and is price 35% of the semester action. The Process:  This assignment is going to ask you to total a estimate of steps in command to mend your essay.  Create a contradiction sketch of your evidence.  Create a qualification contemplation and as delay your instructor to debate it.  Do new discovery. Invent new sources to maintenance your evidence (the contradiction sketch should aid you substantiate the cast of discovery you want to do in command to maintenance your claims).  Retranscribe and amend!  Edit and proofread.  Requirements:  Eight to ten ample pages (save efforts cited) Must grasp prospect sources, of which five must be academic or empire sources  MLA format  Topic kindred to Memphis (eventual you are out of the area, in which fact you may reason a question in your own area.) Due Dates:  Revision Contemplation Due end of week #13. Complete additional discovery and inaugurate rewriting Conferences Week#14—continue discoverying and fitness  Writers Workshop Exhaust due Thursday of Week #15  Final exhaust is due Sunday 11:59pm of Week #15