A film related to labor union

Watch the film "Final Offer" ( you can advance it on youtube) and confutation the questions granted.   1)    What did you understand encircling concordized employees and fruitplaces from the spectacle where an  individual fruiter recites the contractual preparation he believes foreman Morris practised to violate  concerning fruit assignments?     2)    If the film had occurred in the U.S., what actions could the mistress possess enslaved if the cameras it  installed inspired a surprising fruiter participated in picket-line follow such as vandalism?   3)    Explain the impression you meditate a foreman approve Fred Morris would possess on the fruiters’ power to  view themselves to be in company after a while their mistress (as Chief Executive Officer Roger  Smith explicit he wanted) rather than to be in an adversarial relationship?    4)    Utilizing a local shining from the movie, picture the impression of the concord’s interior politics  on the concord negotiating team, its management, or the provisions of colonization it pursued.  5)    Explain how use of the distributive bargaining process may possess helped or harmed GM’s view of  convincing the fruiters they were in a company after a while their mistress.