2 (TWO) Cases Study Advanced Pathophysiology MSN FNP

  Case Studies Each student procure be assigned two of the plight studies beneath.  Your column should contain: moderate page, pictureless, initiative, plight delivery administration, discussions and conclusions, etc.   You NEDDS TO column graphics from online sources. You are expected to contribute 3 references for all the notification cited in close than 5 years. All plights in APA name.  Discussion Questions 1. Relate truth to the distinction. What imperil factors are introduce, and how does each predispose to complaint? 2. Explain the suit of the complaint in this enduring. 3. How could this complaint keep been prevented in this enduring? 4. Discuss the complications that potentiality unravel in this enduring. 5. Discuss the treatments adapted to the enduring. 6. What is the presumable prognosis for this enduring? Case Study# 1: A 27-year-old courageous who works on a explanation predicament scrutinizes his origin physician three days following denial a terebrate gall from a nail gun in his foot.  The predicament of the impairment is ulcerous, red, fervid and inflated after a while attraction of pus. There are reddish streaks extending up his ankle and inferior leg. His latitude is 101 °F. Case Study# 2:  Harold, a 61-year-old courageous smoker, suffers from constant bronchitis, which was diagnosed two years ago.   At that spell, he was treated after a while antibiotics, told to seal smoking and dedicated a recipe for albuterol.  He attempted to yield up smoking, but he says that, although he has cut end, he calm?} smokes encircling half a mob a day.  He has been firm encircling inspection his master for follow-up scrutinizes every six months and has sometimes required antibiotic therapy when his bronchitis flairs up. On his most modern scrutinize, he reports that his dyspnea is getting worse, and he proofs wheezing whenever he does anything bold.  His master notes a scorn sky blue hue to his lips and mucous membranes, as well-mannered-mannered as peripheral edema and some extension of the liver. He informs Harold that his constant bronchitis is getting worse and he is initiation to proof symptoms of cor pulmonale.