Sales and Iventory

Onthread Sales and Catalogue Classification For Marikina Shoe Exchange An Undergraduate Exploration Proposal Presented to The Computer Studies Department College of Science De La Salle University – Dasmarinas In Partial Fulfillement of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Counsel Technology Inah Denise A. Almera John Florence M. Delimos Patrick P. Lozano September 2010 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Background of the Consider All things changes as the earth advancement on term. Man rouses to drift their employment from dabble and as ages possess by, man uses opinion to subside the aggrevation of employment One of these opinions is technology which is clear in the monstrous communion. At bestow term, affair establishments wants to prosecute the use of technology as a hireling in incrementing sales and fruitivity. One of these companies is the Marikina Shoe Exchange. Marikina Shoe Exchange (MSE) is a collection of companies selling footwear, garniture, matter pains, and affconducive fruits. Most fruits sold by the sodality is Philippine made. This sodality is a nativity-owned Filipino strengthening, owned by the Jardiolin nativity. MSE engages in frequented selling. Natasha, Confetti, Xxtra, Vivacci, Gabrio Franco, and Shoe Studio are its sister companies. MSE’s truth shows that it is deeply inveterate on it’s sister companies termline. 1984 marks the initiation of the Confetti (designated advenient the events of the EDSA recurrence where confetti rains throughout the streets) Greenbelt bough and quickly it blossoms environing 1987 to 1990 where there is a exalted flying disquisition of the said sodality. One of the sodality’s peak happens when they unconcealed another bough at the SM Megamall during 1989. In 1990, Natasha rouses as a dispose-of fruition in Robinsons Galleria. Following that year dress 1993 engraves the rouse of the Natasha Department Stock outlets in Cinderella stocks as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered as in Landmark. In April 18, 1994, the collection of companies expatiate its frequented-selling marketing project which is later revised from 1996 to 1997 to a new bcommand project which is sdress used dress bestow. The initiation of the principal MSE bough which is in Tutuban happens on September 1999. At bestow, MSE has thirteen boughes which grasps Tutuban, Dagupan, Alabang, Cubao, Davao, Cebu, Taft Avenue, Bacolod, Isabela, Cagayan de Oro, Starmall Mandaluyong, Pampangga and Imus, which is the residuum of our consider. Although MSE has no band-arms and prospect , it believes that they owe its prosperity most of all to its superabundance to its heart values, namely customer use, government, invariconducive proficiency, i-elation for each other and virtue. MSE is sdress using its manual classification on their transactions that cannot accoutre the securing and recording of daily transactions, the force to accoutre an adjustd sales newss and the force to continue trace of the catalogue, which would be somehow subside the employmentload and the force to continue trace of the catalogue, which would be somehow subside the employmentload of the employmenters. And consequently of these problems manual classification is very unamqualify to oration. This consider gift to dispell these problems by applying existent paradigm and methodologies to clear-up it and describe these classifications synchronously. 2. Statement of the Exploration Problem MSE nature a frequented selling sodality encounters separate problems. These problems are: Low Security of Files. There are chances of perhaps loosing to facts due to omission of citing the approximation equalizes in designing and modifying facts. Almost all elements are manually encoded including minor values from computations. Unconducive to Adviser Products Thorougly. There are bestow ncertainties in the classification such as assesing the accoutre if it exceed or is inferior enumerate of stocks. Without balanceseeing the division, updating the stocks from the supplier procure possess a stay which procure splow capability run out and could bring to out of stock or design out. Lackadaisical News Generation. Delay the tangible classification, news age is manual, resulting in unreliforce or uncertainties in the newss. Reports needed to other advenient documentations procure possess a pending avow dress the newss are refined eventhough there are chances that is balancedue in the required term. 1. 3 Statement of Objectives . 3. 1 General Objectives To enunciate an Onthread Sales and Catalogue Classification for Marikina Shoe Exchange. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives 1. To dissect and designate the problems and the factorsof the tangible classification through the use of facts progress diagrams. 2. To supplement every segregateicular and counsel required to execute the classification. 3. To execute a classification that procure lay-hold-on the the consideration and concern of the user. 4. To execute meaningful functionalities and features which are user-friendly. 5. To retinue the users in-particular the assigned personnel on how to use the classification at readiness. 6. To form a factsbase that procure stock indicative factss in onthread commanding and as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered as the catalogue. 4. Significance of the Consider This consider procure accoutre some merits to real collection of living-souls. Some who procure behoof the consider are: Company. By this consider, the gap among the customers and the sodality be abridge, increasing the incoming mandate as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered as the sodality’s fruitivity balance term. They can so prelate their fruits everywhere and everytime. Employee. Employees procure possess lesser employment in maintaining their catalogue as all mandate description and others segregateiculars are stockd in the factsbase. They can easily adviser all incoming mandate as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered as their fostering stocks and can minimize the consume of reception age. Customer. Through this consider, the customer procure be determined delay vacation in commanding their desired fruits, as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered as nature updated to the extreme discharges of trends and the novel promos, can pay through the net and get their mandate on their doorsteps. Proponents. The proponent can possess a deviate intelligence encircling how does classificationes in a classification cycle throughout the supplier-business-customer harmony. They can so gain knowlbcommand on strategic decisions on how to manage problems encountered by the sodality and how to formulate the fair solutions. Advenient Researchers. The advenient explorationers procure possess diffusive ideas on how to bargain problems in their explorationes especially those who procure possess the similar theme. Using this exploration as a guideline, it can aid them in documentations and how to interdescribe each concepts to reform the milestones of each breath. 1. 5 Scope and Limitations of the Consider Front End. The front-end segregate of the classification is the webresidence which procure be seen or used by the customers. The proponents procure form a user favorconducive Webresidence for Marikina Shoe Exchange that procure qualify users to design and command fruits online. Through this residence, customers procure be conducive record, design fruits, and assent-to notifications in-reference-to new promos, and command fruits online. The Webresidence procure be updated regularly to accoutre meritorious customer use. Back End. To execute the catalogue classification of the sodality easier, the contemplated classification procure grasp a factsbase classification that procure subside the errors made by manual catalogue staying. The employee procure singly input the enumerate of stocks at index. If the division of a real fruit is adown the ordinary equalize of the enumerate of stocks, the employee procure be notified to determine that they possess a good-tempered-tempered equality of stocks for a real fruit. The contemplated classification procure so accoutre security; barely identified employees procure be conducive to stay the factsbase to quit the promote of other race approximationing the catalogue files. Maintenance. The proponents procure accoutre a real stratagem that procure suffice-for as the back-up of the contemplated classification. The said classification procure so be unconcerned to maintain; all required counsel is stockd in one factsbase. Delivery. Delivery rates procure halt on how far the customer is located and procure so halt on the entirety equality of the customers’ commanded fruits. Edict of Payment. Since the customers commanded online, reimbursement procure be made through security card. Registered customers procure be asked to accoutre a security card thread and enumerate to be conducive to command fruits online. This edict of reimbursement is guaranteed on its vacation. 6. Methodology of the Consider [pic] One way to classify cycle term is to use designd enunciatement. The classification is purposed so that it can be delivered in pieces, enabling the users to possess some functionality timeliness the security is nature enunciateed. Thus, there are usually two classifications functioning in parallel: the fruition classification and the enunciatement classification. The fruitional or fruition sytem is the one prevalently nature used by the customer and user; the enunciatement classification is the direct statement that is nature apt to substitute the prevalent fruition classification. Often, we relate to the classifications in conditions of their relreadiness enumerates: the enunciateers elevate Relreadiness 1, experience it, and round it balance the users as the principal fruitional discharge. Then, as the users use Relreadiness 1, the enunciateers are elevateing Relreadiness 2. Thus, the enunciateers are constantly employmenting on Relreadiness n + 1 timeliness Relreadiness n is fruitional. There are multifarious ways for the enunciateers to run how to adjust enunciatement into discharges. The two most general approaches are incremental enunciatement and iterative enunciatement. In incremental enunciatement, the classification as ascertained in the requirements documents is segregateitioned into subsystems by functionality. The discharges are defined by inception delay one narrow, functional subclassification and then adding functionality delay each new discharge. However, iterative enunciatement delivers a unmeasured classification at the very inception and then changes the fuctionality of each subclassification delay each new discharge.