response part 1 and 2

    Part 1Top of Form In the stipulation by Gonzalez, Stein, and Shannonhouse (2012) vital consultations were done to examine the Latino or Latina adolescents and their forthcoming goals. The investigation investigation present to apprehend the aspirations of the adolescents and how they would relate their hopes for their forthcoming as polite as any barriers attested that would prevent them from reaching those goals. The investigation investigation attested begins delay “How?” meeting the criteria of the checklist. The investigation investigation was too ordinary multiple times throughout the stipulation; it identifies delay the project of the examine as polite as rule clarified for the store of postulates. A consensual vital investigation (CQR) was used for the consultation and various investigations were formed as part-among-among of the protocol that were open-ended and used exploratory verbs to fulfill outcomes. Conversations were narrative delay the part-amongicipants in this examine who were tenth graders and the consultations were conducted via phone. A coding team was too used to revisal and choice the postulates from the consultations.  The vital investigation mode that is used in this examine I believe to be part-amongicipatory exercise investigation (PAR). Babbie (2017) identifies that delay PAR mode, the investigationer serves as a expedients for groups who are at a helplessness and gives them a shift to fulfill substances, needs, and aids in assisting the groups catch exercise for their interests and present. In this examine by Gonzalez, (2012), the investigationers helped the adolescents in apprehending their goals and present by showing them the results and assisting form understanding. Throughout this examine, there is good-natured-natured alignment between the framework of the examine, the substance, the investigation investigation, the aim of the examine, and the investigation project.  Works Cited: Babbie, E. (2017). Basics of collective investigation(7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Gonzalez, L. M., Stein, G. L., & Shannonhouse, L. R. (2012). Latina/o adolescents in an emerging immigrant community: A vital research of their forthcoming goals. Journal for Collective Exercise in Counseling & Psychology, 4(1), 83–102. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete. Bottom of Form Part 2 How are postulates analyzed heterogeneous in qual studies as compared to quan studies?