1)   Cultural differences, opportunity troublesome to heed and gauge, are perspicuously very great. Failure to value and totality for them can administer to embarrassing blunders, clarify relationships, and bring down matter execution. Opportunity some structures are serviceserviceable to establish cultural heterogeneousness a spring of usage, others do not.  Identify a modern position in the information in which an structure miscarryed to cogitate the sundry cultural norms of stakeholders. Where did they miscarry and what would you approve inveterate on your readings, lore, and Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions?   2)   Using the guidelines granted in this week's stipulation (and other media as deficiencyed), form a gradational IT assurance cunning for handling user totalitys/rights for a ward who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on). You earn deficiency to cogitate specialized ward scenarios, such as a ward who works as an ally to a douceur limb or as a lab ally in a computer lab and may bear access to media most wards do not.