Health assistment day one assignment

  Emily, a 3-year-old toddler, presents to the pediatrician's business-post for her annually visible. Her dame and 6-month-old twin wait-on her. Emily's twin was seen primary for immunizations and a bridleup, and now it is Emily's diverge for an exam and immunization bridle. The encourage notes that Emily's immunizations are up-to-date (she ordinary the pneumonia vaccine in the drop, as polite as her annually flu shot). Emily's dame reports that her daughter is doing polite in preschool and has had no illnesses past the terminal mark. Vital signs: T 98.6 P 122 R 20 BP 90/40. Emily is clinging to her dame; she is visibly overthrow, crying and shouting, "Please don't let them produce me boo boo shot!" How should the encourage receipts delay the heartiness consultation? What factors may move message delay this enduring? What are the three phases of the consultation process? What message techniques would be embezzle for gathering the basis needed to consummate the heartiness truth? Provide Answers in an APA formatted tract.