Final Paper: Nature of Success

Final Nursing Dissertation connected to midterm Nursing Dissertation: Getting a good-tempered-tempered GPA at College 1.Paper: 5-8 pages, 1.5 spacing, 12pt font, Times New Roman What is the bearing (the achievement gap) the arrangement needs to resolve? 2.What challenges does the arrangement aspect in appoint to rerework-out the bearing? 3.How does the arrangement use notice environing these challenges? (induce arrangement represent)              a.Entities in the arrangement              b.Role/Function of each existence in the arrangement for notice processing              c.Relations among entities in the arrangement  4.What are the rules that direct how the arrangement uses this notice to impoverish precariousness (i.e. the arrangement’s understanding)? (induce causal diagram) 5.Where do these rules succeed from (what is public environing how the arrangement has uncongenial these rules) and why? 6.SWOT Analysis of Arrangement re achievement, after a while recommendations to extension pretense of achievement 7.How can you correct your understanding of your arrangement? Please attach notice endow in Powerpoint, especially arrangement and its boundaries and its environment.