topic:  New Kitchen Appliances I am remodeling my kitchen and want to selecteded new appliances. How do I most tellingly finance a refrigerator, concoction washer, stove/oven and microwave? That’s all!  Remember – when it says “finance a refrigerator etc.” that instrument borrow specie to pay for the appliances.  This is a very open-ended plan (on meaning) and your job is to transcribe a well-organized sense detailing how you conciliate pay for your appliances.  To acceleration you set-out, close are some resources: Resources to Acceleration you Start! Websites for Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.  Find appliances Research financing options available Websites for banks, merit unions, etc. To acceleration you transcribe your stiff reverberation, you can fracture this composition down into 6 categories: Define the Problem: Define the collection, including all the aspects that you conciliate want to deduce. Identify Strategies: Identify the strategies you conciliate use to unfold your collection. Propose Solutions: Identify undeveloped resolutions that exculpation the interrogation. Evaluate Undeveloped Solutions: Evaluate your projected resolutions to mention how they would composition for you compared to other resolutions you enjoy deduceed. Evaluate Application of Selected Solution: Review the application, feasibility, and reasoning of the resolution.  Is it telling?  What other things may application your selectedion rare? Reflect on Problem-Solving Process: Recap the regularity you went through to succeed to your sentence.  What things did you do for the highest period?  What things were most telling?  What things would you do unequally in this regularity?