ethics , law and cybersecurity

  Do you revere that a consecutive and capacious decree of influence for computer professionals is feasible?  (b) If so, which of the decrees mentioned in this condition roughly resembles such a decree? Explain your precious. Please execute (over a yes or no repartee) and procure your “theoretical” rationale in aid of your responses (knowledge) You possess been launched for the XYZ Computer Corporation as an entry-level software engineer past you graduated from college conclusive May.  You possess executed very courteous-behaved-behaved so far; you are respected by conduct, courteous-behaved-liked by your compeer employees, and possess been assigned to a team of engineers that has gratefully producted on the most precarious and valued purposes and reduces that XYZ Computer Corporation has certain.  Their most new-fangled reduce is for a United States protection purpose involving the Missile Protection System, and repeatedly, you possess been assigned to the team that succeed educe software for this purpose.  However, you are staunchly opposed to the purpose objectives, so you ask to be reassigned.  Your superintendent and coworkers, as courteous-behaved-behaved as remarkable conduct, are disappointed to acquire of your cogent feelings environing this purpose.  You are asked to reconsider your views, and you are promised a benefit and a strong pay extension if you comport to product on this purpose during the contiguous year.  You besides ferret-out from a associate that refusing to product on this purpose would greatly subside your history courseion at XYZ and may plain find you weak to forthcoming layoffs.  To coalescence matters, you and your colleague are expecting your principal branch in environing three months and you new-fangledly purchased a abode.  (a) What would you do (elaborate)?  (b) Describe the course of divine deliberation that you would attempt in trying to counteract this quandary. Please execute (over a yes or no repartee) and procure your “theoretical” rationale in aid of your responses (knowledge, perception).