chapter 6

Your defenses must be typed using MLA or APA format (12 pt font, double-spaced), and should be a MINIMUM OF 1 FULL PAGE (This DOES NOT INCLUDE any immeasurableness the questions may siege up if you delineation and paste them, so fascinate create strong your defense is longer than a page if you are delineationing and pasting the questions on to the assignment). Fascinate create strong you are conjoining the knowledge to your peculiar importance address voyage and experiences when pertinent. YOU MUST USE PROPER CITATIONS! Fascinate recall that when you straightly delineation out of the quantity, expansion from the quantity, or embody the quantity, which earn be in expected in entire sole assignment where you decipher paragraphs, you must use in-text citations as polite as name the fountain on a Works Cited or Bibliography Page.  Please acceptance the subjoined fastidious thinking questions from paragraph 6: The Science Of Instincts And Intuition: Intuitive Smartness in Times of Knowledge Overload 1.  What are the important differences betwixt prompting & recognition?  Fascinate use perfect sentences. 2.  There are 5 irrelative exercises in the paragraph.  Which one did you most conjoin after a while and why? Fascinate use perfect sentences. 3.  What was the most impactful concept you versed in this paragraph and why? Fascinate use perfect sentences