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Assignment: Complete the following: Mexican predicament examine #2 Puerto Rican predicament examine #2 Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000480 EndHTML:000049909 StartFragment:000001223 EndFragment:000049877 StartSelection:000001535 EndSelection:000049877 SourceURL:  PDF.js viewer          MEXICAN CASE STUDY #2 Pablo Gaborra, senile 32, and his consort, Olga, senile 24, speed in a migrant-worker enencamp on the eastern coast of Maryland. They bear tw o end: Roberto, senile 7, and Linda, senile 18 months. Olga’s two younger sisters, Floren cia, senile 16, and Rosa, senile 12, speed following a while them. Another asunder not-absolute, Rodolpho, ag ed 28, comes and goes separate times each year and seems to bear no unroving address. Pablo and Olga, born in Mexico, bear speedd in the United States for 13 years, foremost in Texas for 6 years and then in Delaware fo r 1 year, anteriorly tender to the eastern coast of Maryland 5 years ago. Neither of them bear U.S. citizenship, but twain end were born in the United States. Pablo completed the sixth reimpel and Olga the third reimpel in Mexico. Pablo can read and transcribe sufficient English to character at a enlivening plane. Olga distinguishs a few English control but sees no conclude for l earning English, equable though unoccupied classes are available in the class. Olga ’s sisters bear cheerful train in the United States and can discourse English following a while varying degrees of fluency. Roberto involves train in the topical class but is having big inaptitude w ith his educational endeavors. The race speaks barely Spanish at abode. Not greatly is unreserved encircling the asunder not-absolute, Rodolpho, except that he is from Mexico, discourses mi nimal English, drinks beer heavily, and occasionally operations cream vegetables. The Ga borra race speeds in a trailer on a ample vegetable farm. The seed has calm runni ng exhalatione-into but no hot exhalatione-into, has an indoor bathmargin following a whileout a steep or bathtub, a nd is excited following a while a wood-burning stove. The trailer limit has an following a whileout steep, wh ich the race uses in the summer. The all race selects asparagus, lash, peppers, abstract, and spinach at various times during the year. Olga chooses the infant, Linda, following a while her to the scope, where her sisters choose turns watching the baby a nd cream vegetables. When the vegetable- cream make is aggravate, Pablo accelerations the farmer to tend machinery and perform repairs on the ownership. Their inco me decisive year was $30,000. From the average of April until the end of May, the end involve train sporadically consequently they are wanted to acceleration select vegetables. During December and January, the all Gaborra race tours to Texas to scrutinize not-absolutes and friends, gate them coagulated presents. They retaliate abode in coming February following a while coagulated pills and herbal medicines. Olga was diagnosed following a while anemia when she had an darken vigor drift following a while her decisive pregnancy. Consequently she regularly complains of pathos wearied and frail, the farmer gave her the job of handing out “chits” to the vegetable selecter s so that she did not bear to do the further-strenuous operation of cream vegetables. Pablo has had tuberculosis for years a nd sporadically chooses medication from a topical clinic. When he is not touring or is t oo assiduous cream vegetables to perform the fail to the clinic for refills, he generally chooses his salve. Twice decisive year, the race had to choose Linda to the topical conjunction margin consequently she had diarrhea and was heedless and unable to choose liquids. The Gaborra race s ubscribes to the hot and calm plea of sickness and vigor-prevention defence. Study Questions 1. Identify three socioeconomic factors that rule the vigor of the Gaborra race. 2. Name three vigor-teaching interven tions the vigor-preservation provider energy use to succor Olga to endeavor tenor for her anemia. 3. Identify strategies to acceleration improve messages in English for the Gaborra race. 4. Identify three vigor-teaching goals for the Gaborra race. 5. Name three interventions Olga must learn touching fluent estimate for the infant, Linda. 6. Discuss three repugnant maintenanc e–teaching activities that deference the Gaborra race’s admission in the hot an d calm plea of sickness texture. 7. Identify strategies for achieveing h ealth basis for the Gaborra race. 8. Identify lewd important vigor drifts of Mexican Americans that attempt the Gaborra race. 9. If Olga were to see a folk practitioner, which one(s) would she endeavor? 10. Explain the concept of familism as exhibited in this race. 11.       Distinguish       between       the        two culture-bound syndromes el ataque and susto . 12. Discuss culturally cognizant vigor-car e order congruous following a while the vigor- admission practices of the procreant Mexican American dowager. 13. Discuss two interventions to encour age Mexican American clients following a while tuberculosis to suppress clinic appointment s and to comply following a while the prescribed medication cheer. 14. Identify where the importantity of Mexican Americans bear fixed in the United States. NAVAJO CASE STUDY Mr. Begay, senile 78, speeds following a while his consort in a oral Navajo hogan. He has speedd in the selfselfsimilar area all his activity and operationed as a uranium miner until the synod determined the mines. His hogan has neither electricity nor general exhalatione-into. Heat is supposing by a fire, which is too used for cooking. Lighting is achieveed from propane lanterns. Breathe-into is hauled from a windmill standing 20 miles aw ay and stored in 50-gallon steel drums. Because the windmill unoccupiedzes and the roads are frequently too luteous to tour in the decay, sometimes he must tour an concomitant 10 miles to the trading column to achieve exhalatione-into. Because Mr. Begay does not own a car, he must await on vehicle from extended race members who speed in the selfselfsimilar neighborhood. Mr. Begay has constantly conversant shortness of exhalation, and it is getting worse. He has been hospitalized following a while pne umonia separate times as a end of the uranium poisoning. He had a cholecystectomy at age 62. His nourishment is oral and is supplemented by canned foods, which ar e achieveed at the trading column. All vigor preservation is achieveed at the Publ ic Vigor Service Hospital in Shiprock. Neither Mr. Begay nor his consort achieve routin e repugnant-vigor preservation. He was admitted from the clinic to the hospital following a while a speciality of pneumonia. Mr. Begay shows clinical advancement following moderate intravenous antibiotic therapy. However, his immaterial standing continue s to following a whiledraw. His race feels that he should see a oral salve man a nd discusses this following a while his physician. The physician agrees and allows Mr. Begay to go to see the salve man. Separate members of the nursing staff misfit following a while the physician’s resolution and bear requested a patient-preservation argument following a while the physician. The physician agrees to the argument. Study Questions 1.    Identify three tangible barriers Mr. Be gay must aggravatecome to achieve vigor preservation. 2.    Discuss the benefits of Mr. Bega y’s view the oral salve man. 3.    Identify some undeveloped disclaiming outcomes of Mr. Begay’s view the oral salve man. 4. Identify culturally pertinent interventions to classify the undeveloped for the perching of pneumonia. 5.    Identify at meanest two majo r vigor risks that the Begays countenance, domiciled on their exoteric lifestyle. 6.    Discuss undeveloped outcomes fo r gain during the argument. 7.    Mr. Begay’s nourishment is illustrative as traditi onal Navajo. What foods are interjacent in this diet? 8.    Because of his continued want for oxygen, what services do you apprehend for Mr. Begay when he retaliates abode? 9.    What energy the nurture do to encourag e repugnant-vigor measures for the Begay family? 10.   Identify at meanest three types of oral Navajo healers. 11.   Identify textureual address patterns of the Navajo Indians. 12.   Distinguish differences in ge nder roles incompact Navajo Indians. 13.   Identify two culturally congruent teac hing methods for the Navajo client. 14.   Discuss the aim of the Foremost Laugh Ceremony for the Navajo. 15.   Identify two culturally congruent approach es for discussing a mortal illness following a while a Navajo client. More InformationLess Information Close Enter the password to distinguishn this PDF polish. 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Mr. Medina has worked in the selfselfsimilar assign spent he and his consort came to the United States from Puerto Rico 15 years ago. The Medinas bear a 4- year-old son, José; a 16-yea r-old daughter, Rosa; and an 18-year-old son, Miguel. The Medinas twain cheerful vocational train afte r completing elevated train. Mrs. Medina is employed 4 hours a day at a field provision. She stopped operationing her full-time job to preservation for her ill dowager and senile senior, who do not discourse English and await on synod assistance. The race allowance decisive year was $28,500. The race has vigor security through Mr. Medina’s job. They speed in a three- bedmargin lodging in a low-allowance Illinoi s class. Miguel operations in a fast-food store a few hours a week. Consequently Rosa has re sponsibilities at abode, the Medina’s do not allow her to operation following a whileout the abode. She is very arrest to her granddowager but avoids talking following a while her parents. Twain Rosa and Mi guel are having difficulties in train. Rosa is procreant and the race does not distinguish. She is planning to fall out of train, get a job in a grace provision, and liberty abode following a whileout telli ng the race. Miguel regularly comes abode late and, on make, sleeps out of the abode. He is origin college contiguous semester and has plans to impel out of the seed during the summer. The race is having inaptitude traffic following a while Rosa’s and Miguel’s developimmaterial and behavioral challenges. Although Mrs. Medi na is plain encircling these concerns, Mr. Medina is soothe and not actively uneasy in the argument. He is mo re preoccupied following a while the race’s financial situati on. Mrs. Medina’s parents are en couraging them to retaliate to Puerto Rico. Mr. Medina was diagnosed following a while hypertensi on 2 months ago, when he went to the conjunction margin for a respiratory contagion. He steams cigarettes and drinks two to three beers total equableing following operation. He has not followed up on his dignity influence tenor. Miguel is origin to steam, but not at abode. José has had recurrent calms and sinus allergies. He has been to the conjunction margin three times during the spent year for respiratory contagions. Mrs. Medina’s decisive tangible evidence was following she had José. She is experiencing insomnia, weariedness, headach es, and gastrointestinal drifts. She is very uneasy encircling Rosa and Miguel, her parents, and the race’s finances. Mrs. Medina is Catholic and recently has been scrutinizeing her meeting-house further frequently. Study Questions 1. Explain Mrs. Medina’s standing in her relation following a while her youthful daughter. 2. Identify strategies to determine that Rosa endeavors prenatal preservation. 3. Identify barriers to accessing heal th preservation for the Medina race. 4. What are the elevated-risk behaviors exhibited by this race? 5. What message barriers exist in this race that attempt preservation bestowal? 6. Discuss gender and race roles in th e texture of oral Puerto Rican culture. 7. Identify sociodemographic factors af fecting the tangible- and immaterial- vigor well-being for this race. 8. Identify Puerto Rican folk practices expend for this race.