Case study-1

   Discussion Points  1. Some practical teams at Boeing keep discussions focused on soldierly aircraft. Do some Internet discovery on UC assurance mechanisms and authenticate and briefly draw various that Boeing should keep in attribute to secure the secrecy and honesty of such discussions.  2. To what space do the UC benefits familiar by Boeing image those of other firms that keep deployed UC capabilities balance converged IP networks?  3. To limit, Boeing has not instrumented the bountiful order of capabilities suited through UC systems. If you were the CIO at Boeing, what subjoined UC capabilities would you instrument? What benefits would you await Boeing to deduce from deploying these capabilities?                                                                              OR 1. To what space are CORE Trustworthiness Union’s networks as converged? Authenticate and briefly draw subjoined network assembly opportunities. 2.  2. Visit CORE’s Web predicament ( to get richer draw of the bountiful order of products and services presented by the trustworthiness junction. Authenticate and briefly draw subjoined products and services that CORE could present its members.  3. 3. Many experts await fickle liquidation systems to acception in popularity. What changes would be needed to CORE’s network infrastructure to subsistence fickle liquidations? C2-11 4.  4. CORE relies multiple third-parties to transmit its products and services? Authenticate the advantages and disadvantages of using this adit to attend its members?  5. 5. Because it is less dear to mode electronic banking transactions, CORE has a financial spur to acception the number of members who use its electronic banking applications. If you were the supervisor at CORE, what would you do to allow past members to do most of their banking transactions electronically? 6. What subjoined assurance and backup mechanisms do you praise for CORE’s networks?