week 5 Slides , Dashboard/Outcome Report exercise – Tableau Visualization + Explanation, Dashboard or Outcome Report – Describe and explain

  Assignments Maroon = Confederate performance (confederate not required) - You may performance after a while and diverge in the selfselfsame assignment as 1 other novice for the all assignments this week. (Except Discussion.) (1) Email-essay:  When you construct a sentence, it is fastidious to apology: What is the desired conclusion? How earn that conclusion be measured / monitored?  For this week’s essay, you earn transcribe an email to your boss describing the desired conclusion for the sentence made in one of the plights (Salesforce, Netflix) and how that conclusion earn be measured. Specify: desired conclusion/purpose objective what metrics/KPIs earn be monitored and why (min 2 KPIs/metrics) define KPI targets for the KPIs what it media if a detail metric or KPI goes up or down what inner teams earn be lawful for monitoring which KPIs An copy from antecedent session:  ALY_6100_Week_5_Assignment_Email_Anita_Lok.pdf ALY_6100_Week_5_Assignment_Email_Anita_Lok.pdf - Alternative Formats Other requirements: Use in course citations where appropriate Include a relation list/bibliography Minimum 2 relations (including body and plight examine) Minimum 300 words This week’s essay earn not keep slides associated after a while it, instead earn use Tableau to institute a Dashboard or Conclusion Report. (2,3) Dashboard/Outcome Report exercise - Tableau Visualization + Explanation (2) Dashboard or Conclusion Report - Tableau This week in systematize we reviewed how companies trail and visualize key metrics and KPIs. For purposes in which metrics can be measured in an automated usage, these may be visualized after a while forever updated Dashboards (e.g. Netflix viewing facts). For purposes in which metrics cannot be congenial in an automated behavior, and/or are barely congenial quarterly/yearly, an Conclusion Report may be done. Based on this week's email-essay and your conversance of the Salesforce or Netflix case, use Tableau to ape up Dashboards or an Conclusion Report using constructed facts. (1) Constructed facts. Do not go looking for facts. You are making your own! I deficiency you to assume 2 KPIs for your plight aggravate some limit of date. See Simulating Facts individuality overhead for tutorial video and copy jurisprudence.  For a Dashboard, you'd probably keep the gum by the specific to daily. For an Conclusion Report, you'll probably assume values on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or per-annum cause.  Make realistic constructed facts. I don't deficiency you to get the gum indisputably direct, but I'd approve to see them after a whilein an prescribe of majority of existence and the diversity in the gum to construct apprehension (e.g. if you imagine the bend of your KPI earn be increasing, construct assured the bend of your KPI is increasing) (2) Create a Dashboard or Conclusion Report for the KPIs in Tableau Using what you skilled from the visualization symbolical this week, create a Dashboard or Conclusion Report in Tableau for the facts. See Simulating Facts individuality overhead for tutorial video that conceives using Tableau.  The point of these graphs is to tolerate the viewer to undeviatingly assess the conclusions (as far as KPIs) for the purpose. Make the graphs gentle to teach - use legends, batch in an gentle to unravel way, etc Make insufficiency 2 graphs in Tableau (min one for each KPI) Submission For this assignment, fascinate siege screenshots or construct a PDF of your Tableau visualizations. Your patience can be in PDF or PPT(X) format. You may as-well conceive the converge to your Tableau purpose. You earn recount and teach your Conclusion Report or Dashboard in keep-akeep-apart (3), which earn be a disunited patience. (I earn gait them direct to each other, though.) I don't deficiency to see your jurisprudence/Excel notebook/etc.  (3) Dashboard or Conclusion Report - Recount and teach  In assign of a blunt apology this week, I deficiency you to recount an teach your Dashboard or Conclusion Report ape-ups. Fascinate conceive: Definitions of the KPIs/metrics you conceived in your ape-ups Why you conceived each KPI/metric Why you cull to vault the metric in the way you cull Other requirements: Use in course citations where appropriate Include a relation list/bibliography as appropriate Minimum 300 words Submission instructions This folder contains TurnItIn submissions for (1) email-essay, (2) Dashboard or Conclusion Report, and (3) recount and teach.