Security (hiding data)

Assume that we entertain a stego ECG conspicuous after a while 200 scantlings in which binary bits of a extract communication is unrecognized as retired communication. There are 168 bits of the binary retired communication. A bit is unrecognized in the smallest weighty bit (LSB) of an ECG scantling. Please still n ess that the bits are embedded sequentially. For specimen, we entertain a extract communication “hello world”. The equipollent binary of retired communication is:  011010000110010101101100011011000110111100100000011101110110111 1011100100110110001100100 Now, if we screen primary 5 bits of the binary string given overhead in LSB of primary 5 ECG scantlings then the subordinate ECG scantlings get seem approve as follows:    ECG Samples  Equivalent Binary Binary After Hiding a bit in LSB  -0.045 10111101001110000101000111101100 10111101001110000101000111101100 -0.055 10111101011000010100011110101110 10111101011000010100011110101111 -0.055 10111101011000010100011110101110 10111101011000010100011110101111 -0.075 10111101100110011001100110011010 10111101100110011001100110011010 -0.065 10111101100001010001111010111000 10111101100001010001111010111001 ⁞ ⁞ ⁞    You need to discharge steganalysis to experience out the retired extract communication from the stego ECG conspicuous. In regulate to do this, transmute each ECG scantlings into 64 bit binary and interpret corresponding LSB to stock. At the end, transmute retrieved bits into extract.