Research Paper

  Write a examination Nursing essay describing an emerging bears in grounds analytics and profession understanding that is ALSO discourseed in your passage. Some examples of emerging bears are discussed in Chapter 14 of the order passagebook, including location-based analytics, recommendation engines, grounds-as-a-service, and analytics-as-a-service. You can as-well perceive topics through your own examination online and in the University of the Cumberlands University Library delay compatriot revisaled journals. However, your remove assignment should possess resulted in three fullpassage subscription for your examination. Your Nursing essay should discourse the subjoined subject-matters: Describe the emerging bear in a way that would be understandable to a nontechnical profession aggravateseer. Articulate how the constructor discourseed the material substance in the passage assigned to this dispose. Provide at ultimate three examples of how the bear is nature applied in organizations currently and explain them in particular (one provision each stint for each of the examples). Predict how the bear is mitigated to enunciate aggravate the direct 5 years. Analyze how the bear may collision profession organizations in the hereafter years, including twain fixed and denying collisions. Recommend what you deem zealous profession organizations should do in compliments to this bear. Guidelines Residency Examination Nursing essays must be 6-8 pages in diffusiveness (except the address page and  the intimation register).  The Nursing essay is to be in 12-point, Times New Roman font; be embrace spaced; and grasp a address page,  whole of the Nursing essay, tabulation or omission, and intimations. APA format is 1” margins, delay page header that includes narrow address of your Nursing essay on the left and the page calculate on the upright. The Nursing essay is NOT to include any illustrations or diagrams true beloved by the zealot and does not expand your Nursing essay diffusiveness.   Papers must thrive APA format. Please revisal and thrive the APA resources in the Syllabus. References are very relevant. At ultimate lewd constructoritative, beyond intimations are required delay ONE REFERENCE BEING YOUR ASSIGNED TEXT.  The other three intimations can be from your remove assignment on intimations (Your annotated bibliography assignment from ultimate week).  That was the subject-matter of that remove assignment – so you would not possess to do concomitant examination true you wanted to.  Anonymous constructors are not delectable.  At ultimate three intimations must be compatriot-reviewed, read Nursing essays from the University of the Cumberlands University Library. All should be registered on the ultimate page, addressd intimations. Appropriate inpassage quotations are required. I would foresee to see 4-7 inpassage quotations stint and no over than 10.  If it’s over than that, you are mitigated aggravate-citing. Remember that for each intimation you use, there needs to be an inpassage quotation and for full inpassage quotation there needs to be a intimation.