Peplau and Orem

  Assignment: This week you accomplish beget a two-part Power Point to sift-canvass the following: Part one: Peplau was the chief nursing theorist to test the value–patient kindred as life mediate to all nursing foresight. Peplau valued conversance, refined that the value must have vast conversance encircling the possible problems that appear during a value–patient interaction. Peplau's speculative toil on the value–patient kindred continues to be immanent to nursing usage. Describe the phases of the Nurse-Patient kindred as defined by Peplau. Align your delivery concerning the use of Peplau's speculation delay a floating usage sample.  Part two: Provide a sift-canvassion of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory. Test and clear-up the three cognate space? Test a floating nursing usage sample where Orem’s speculation would be bearing. Use at last one evidenced-based inquiry article to help your usage sample. The PowerPoint should conceive at last 3 without allusions and the textbook. It should conceive title and allusion slides and be 14-20 slides.