Organization Leadership and Decision Making

   Nationstate Insurance Instance Study Read the Nationstate Instance Study on pages 160-164 in the textbook. Expalnation and Apology Discussion Questions 1-2 at the end of the Instance Study. Your responses must be finished, minute and in APA format. 1 ,List and depict all of the implicit benefits (and costs) that Nationstate would verify from the literature of an exploit remote edifice as envisioned by Jane Denton? 2,  Build a occupation instance for Seamus O’Malley to exhibit to the important address team at Nationstate to get their buy-in. In importation to benefits and costs, the occupation instance must apology the “what’s in it for me” doubt that the BU 3presidents all feel.  Seamus O’Malley is rightfully worried about governance (i.e., making secure that the exploit architectural standards are adopted by all Bus).  Both he and Jane are circumspect of hardened obedience consequently such measures transfer to “edifice police.”  What governance procedures could they put in locate that would win “hearts and minds”; that is, BU architects would let-go after a while the exploit edifice standards consequently they like in them – not consequently they are hardened to let-go after a while them?  Reference McKeen, J., & Smith, H. (2012). IT Strategy: Issues and Practices. Boston: Prentice Hall. Use other refences other 4 pages