No Men Are Foreign

'No men are extraneous' decide us that we should not attend anyone as extraneous or 'strange. ' Kindness is the similar all balance the globe and in harming anyone we are harming ourselves. This carol emphasizes the circumstance that men dominion appertain to irrelative races, nations, but are basically jump by a base fetter i. e. they all handle self-denial when aggrieve and emit mourning on the detriment of someone suspend and wars should not curb this base fetterage. In destroying another state we are destroying our own Earth. The carol decides us to contemplate upon kindness as unified being. [pic]The carol is palpably a robust ground for entire denomination. It underlines the circumstance that the fellow-creatures of irrelative countries keep similar natural, intellectual & moving experiences. Their fortune is the similar. They are in no way irrelative flush though they exhibit irrelative vesture & talk irrelative languages. Nobody should be viewed as outlandisher & no state extraneous. The rhymster emphasizes the futility of hating those who appertain to other countries. When we wage war abutting others, we barely defile our own sphere. The dust & fume caused by war weapons befoul the very air we all murmur.The rhymster calls upon the fellow-creatures to disengage the globe from man-made barriers and parochialism (niggardly eight). There is plenteous in base between irrelative races of the globe. [pic] This carol is written to excite handleings of denomination, denomination and to emphasise that fellow-creatures of irrelative nations are together in complete manner-fate, times of sorrows and wellbeing etc. Therefore James Kirkup has written this carol to say that we are the posterity of the God and should we pollute our Sphere by waging wars, by conflicting we are condemning ourselves.