Multicultural Counseling and Therapy (MCT) Discussion

  Studies Readings Key Components for Engaging in Multicultural Competence LAUNCH PRESENTATION |Transcript Use your textbook, Sue and Sue's Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, to thorough the forthcoming: Read Chapter 2, "The Superordinate Nature of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy," pages 37–65. Read Chapter 9, "Multicultural Evidence-Based Practice," pages 283–314. Read Chapter 13, "Culturally Competent Assessment," pages 429–451. Remember, your e-books are suited for balbutiation via VitalSource Bookshelf. You can similarity Bookshelf from the left Method Tools menu or via the optional downloaded application. Use the Capella University Library to thorough the forthcoming balbutiations: Buckingham, Frings, and Albery's 2013 condition, "Group Membership and Gregarious Identity in Addiction Recovery" in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, work 27, conclusion 4, pages 1132–1140. Pedersen's 1991 condition, "Multiculturalism as a Generic Approach to Counseling," in Journal of Counseling & Development, work 70, conclusion 1, pages 6–12. Sacks and Peled's 2008 condition, "The Self-Perception of Women Who Live After a while an Alcoholic Partner: Dialoging After a while Deviance, Strength, and Self-Fulfillment," in Family Relations, work 57, conclusion 3, pages 390–403. Multimedia Key Components for Engaging in Multicultural Competence. Click Launch Presentation to examination the components. Library Elaboration and Guides Reexamination the Library Guide ADD5336: Elaboration in Addiction Studies. This utensil achieve be adapted in orienting you to library elaboration, counseling journals, and web instrument you achieve deficiency to use in completing assignments for this method. Optional Readings The lore is fertile after a while instrument to succor addiction professionals and therapists search over deeply into the topics nature mellow in this method and to hunt their own eespecial interests. In each part you achieve invent a intimation list; seem to these for advice and use as you eagerness in your professional fruit. Please still n ess that it is jocular to pull from these instrument for your discussions and assignments; nevertheless, you should not believe exclusively on these instrument in completing assignments that insist-upon library elaboration. In McGoldrick and Hardy's Re-Visioning Family Therapy: Race, Culture, and Gender in Clinical Performance (2nd ed.), peruse "Introduction: Re-visioning Family Therapy From a Multicultural Perspective," pages 3–24. Read Duchar, Abraham, and Roman's 2010 condition, "Counselor Attitudes Toward the Use of Motivational Incentives in Addiction Treatment," in American Journal on Addictions, work 19, conclusion 6, pages 496–503. Read Ivey's 1987 condition, "The Multicultural Performance of Therapy: Ethics, Empathy, and Dialectics," in Journal of Gregarious and Clinical Psychology, work 5, conclusion 2, pages 195–204. Read Jacobs and Kane's 2010 condition, "HIV-Related Stigma in Midlife and Older Women," in Gregarious Work in Health Care, work 49, conclusion 1, pages 68–89. Read Richard, Trevino, Baker, and Valdez's 2010 condition, "Negative Reflected Appraisal, Negative Self-Perception, and Drug Use Intentions in a Sample of Suburban High School Students," in Journal of Child Adolescent Substance Abuse, work 19, conclusion 3, pages 193–209.   Multicultural Counseling and Therapy (MCT) Refer to your balbutiations and the mini-lecture by Dr. Sue and ad a posting that describes your intellect of MCT and reexamination the implications of MCT for counseling performance. How does MCT develop the performances and roles of counselors as therapists, as compared to oral performances and roles? What is the opinion of a client's gregarious and cultural tenor after a whilein MCT and how does MCT canvass counselors to glide-away at the systems flatten?